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Old days of Ashen empires

LadySunsetLadySunset Member Posts: 1
Hey im a really old member of Dransik/Ashen empires been playing it for 8 years maybe more lol just wanted to tell yall this game is really good! best game i ever played heres the oldest screen shot i have lol

the dead guy in this photo is the guy who created the game

if you or a fan of his work try his newest game soon to be released now in session 2 at

Bored Admin for Elderlands
Goddess of the Bunnys



  • KultaKulta Member Posts: 25

    IN the old days this was a fun it is not


    Lag and the endless pay for this and that ..(which runs into alot of cash fast) makes this game a no fun to play


    Be smart take your money and toss it out the window, at least you can watch it fall to the ground and watch others run to grab it..

    If you put your money in this game you are wasting it just the same but you will not see any running, unless it is you running for medicaine because of the headacke you will have .


    Love lag?

    Love Not mattering to the devs or staff?

    Love to waste money ?

    If you said yes to these questions, this is the game for you

    PS if you think it is just a search and read how long LAG has been an issue and how many promises players got on repairs..


    AE =

  • njacksondnjacksond Member Posts: 29

    Awwww Erudite :(

    and Naruku and Knightmare.


    Dam i miss Krag me and him went everywhere together when it came down to hunting...

    Dam Lady you brought back old memories...


  • Tomislucky7Tomislucky7 Member UncommonPosts: 31

    dont you mean figment?

    and yeah i remember when AE was named Dransik, and when u could have someone kill your pet, the guards would pwn them, then u loot their bodies xD.

    i also remember having like 8 wolves at once, now THAT was one hell of a time.

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