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Why isnt GunZ Online on the game list?

I tried to find gunz online but couldnt, so i thought i might wanna put this post up ^^


  • whitedelightwhitedelight Member Posts: 1,544
    Does it meet all the requirements on this site?


  • UberDinosaurUberDinosaur Member Posts: 16
    What are the requirements???
  • whitedelightwhitedelight Member Posts: 1,544


    I think there is a game that needs to be added to your list. How do I submit this?

    First, please make sure that the game is not already on our list.  If you know the name of the game, make sure you sort our list by "Title" (click on the Title column name) and look for it alphabetically. 

    Second, make sure that it completes our definition of a MMORPG:

    • 500 or more simultaneous players in one world.
      • The game must include some form of graphical common area. This distinction means Diablo II is not considered an MMORPG, while Guild Wars is.
    • It must be graphical...so no text based MUDs.
    • Persistent characters.
    • Some form of character advancement.
    • It must use a true client/server connection.  In other words, no HTML or "web" based games.  Games that run in a browser using Java are OK.
    • Five or more screenshots from inside of the game engine itself.
    • A professional web site free of annoying pop-up ads or Spyware programs and access to some kind of support system.
    • Must fully support English.  This means the client interface, in-game chat, help system and support website must all be in English.

    NOTE: At this time we are no longer adding 2D/Isometric games to our list - we will add these again at a later date once we adapt our list to allow feature filtering.

    If the game fails to meet any of these criteria, we do not include it on MMORPG.com. Occasionally, we will cover high profile games that have not yet met the screenshot criteria, but they will still not be included in the “Game List”.

    Ultimately, MMORPG.com reserves the right of final judgment on whether or not a game should or should not be added to our game list.

    If you know a game that meets all of the criteria listed above, please email it to [email protected].


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