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Friends List

EzrydyrEzrydyr Member Posts: 49

You know, maybe I should be patient anough to wait for retial tomorrow, but... naaah... that's no fun.  Does anyone know about how to set up a friends list in Lineage II?  Is it going to be part of upgrades for retail? 

I have heard that it a macro for a friends list is available as a download from a fan-site.  Anyone know anything about that?



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  • blasti99blasti99 Member Posts: 1

    yes, ncsoft managed to screw up the us version files. many files are broken. thats why you crash when you check stats of a brigandine armor for example

    friendlist is available in all prelude versions. you need a fixed command-e.txt file to replace the one included. I expect that they will have that in the 25mb patch they announced for the retail start.

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