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Best PVP Game so far? Yea im talkin to those old hard core players

canzanitocanzanito Member Posts: 31

I played KO for like ummm since 2004 when it was released. I went Cypher and found great clan. Yes, you can go look for it on rankings "KNIGHT_FLIGHT" So freaking cool ppl.

I played KO without knowing about PVP, except for Runescape WIlderness. It was my first well said MMO. PVP on KO is just freaking amazing. Actually, there are 3 Types of war and the Colony Zone aka Ronark Land. PVP is kinda complex on KO. Sin's for example combo, which is not that easy. So far I didn't find any game with so many different combo styles. Besides, Mages AOE's in war are just hella amazing. Besides, this game has cool skill animations so 8 man party with mages, healers its just so fun.

This is my opinion about it. I quitted thou. I didn't and don't like the Company K2 (Ya i know its not in charge anymore). 2 many cheats and dupes and to many TURKS. Im not that racist but play that game and you'll become racist in 1 day. I played WoW, Runescape, Lineage II, Vanguard and Guild Wars. So far, for me, KO has best PVP. Going for LOTRO now =P




  • D4rv3nD4rv3n Member Posts: 164
    Well, that's one of the reasons why i used to LOVE K.O for such a long time, it has an AMAZING pvp, but now with all these cheaters and everything you can barely play, but i bend down to the creators of this game, if only the companies running it were better
  • hobalehobale Member Posts: 16 of the best in this respect...all classes have their own pro and cons so you really have to work as a team in order to achieve something in the wars or pvp zones... comes the cost. This game has been infested with duping and botting (first KOSP and then KOXP) almost from the beginning. And the management still sells the same promises: we will stop duping, botting hacking. ....

    result: economy in which in-game money has no role (its currently barter economy as the gold has no meaning, dupping?!?!)

    a lot of players have lvls 10-15 above what they deserve (botting and quest bug abusing)...GMs could not ban them, or they had to unban them, as they are paying players...

    a lot of dedicated players who showed that a guild or player can rule even without cheating left the game..including me

    (server Beramus: ex-plasma: guild-SuX )

  • D4rv3nD4rv3n Member Posts: 164
    Let's face it, if GM's wanted to, they would stop KOSP and KOXP in one day, a simple script wouldn't take longer than half an hour and ti would block that shit, but [email protected] Network wants money, and they know if they stop KOXP half of the people will leave, cuz most often people who use KOXP buy premium, cuz they know that K2 won't do shit about it!
  • hobalehobale Member Posts: 16 are right, the money is not payed for the service provided but rather to provide a shield for cheating.

    kinda win-"win" stiuation?...the first win is certain considering company's earnings...but the second? hmm, ficticious "win" for the players in terms of cheated lvls items etc...but a killer for both the community and the company

    the community is far from what it was  a year or two ago (Im from Turkey and i used to have ppl on my msn from US, Croatia, Venezuella, Peru, Sweden, Germany, England etc).

    The company? well, even they began to diversify their investments into games like Sword of the New World-Granada Espada(to be honest when i first saw the k2Network logo there and after my experience with KO i wont bother even trying it)  

  • D4rv3nD4rv3n Member Posts: 164
    well, there was a new research somewhere, i saw it like a week ago, it said that 82% of the people playing K.O right now are from Turkey, and 73% of them use KOXP!!! Look somewhere on google and u might find it!
  • hansoffranzhansoffranz Member Posts: 15
    well, you want to know what im thinkin about this game?...ZzZ,I played it like 1 year,then a 3 Months break,AND BOOM! Almost all Servers have become premium ones.I couldn't join any of them...they made this game so lame,COZ US,THE NON PREMIUM MEMBERS HAVE MADE KO SO POPULAR AIGHT?!
  • hobalehobale Member Posts: 16

    dunno about the stats, but here not only the ratios but the numbers are also important....if you have 10 000 players from one country, 500 players from another one..and when you say 50% are cheaters, you'll end up with 5k cheaters from the first country and only 250 from the second....the case with Turkey resembles this.

    and one can say that its the American company itself that closes its eyes to cheaters and disregards its own regulations in the name of more money....

    so instead of naming countries and throwing arrows i guess its better to inform ppl and not promote cash sukkers

  • galliard1981galliard1981 Member Posts: 256

    First of all, Dark Age of Camelot is said to have the best PvP.

    Among the games I tried, believe me Shadowbane has better PvP than KO. It has everything ingame better, exept graphics and music.

    Guild Wars is much more balanced and sophisticated. It requires much more skill and wits than in KO. I have no idea how do you measure "betterness". In KO its about items, PvP lacks tactics because as an assasin u always play fight one way against warrior and one way against mage etc. Mindless clicking on skills.

    Secondly, I dont know what do u have against koxp and duping. Only uberlame people enjoy grinding. And duping helps lowering prices so everybody benefits on it.

    And Turks were my favourite characters in ff7, especially Reno. How can anybody dislike them?

    Playing: Rohan
    Played (from best to worst): Shadowbane, Guild Wars, Shayia, Age of Conan, Warhammer, Runes of Magic, Rappelz, Archlord, Knight online, King of Kings, Kal online, Last chaos

  • mackalimesutmackalimesut Member Posts: 3

    yeah i played this game before but i could play it for free for 3 days and after that u only can play at a time idk but is it free now? cuz i need badly a good mmorpg game FREE  pls respawne

  • PyrostasisPyrostasis Member UncommonPosts: 2,293
    Not sure if your asking if we think KO online was the best pvp, or what we think is the best pvp.

    The best pvp game imo was Ultima Online pre trammel.

    It was completely open pvp other than the towns. If you went outside you could be killed. I know what your thinking. Bob the uber highlevel could kill dave the newbie! Well, yes, but then dave the newbie comes back to town and screams PKS AT ENTRANCE! Then the anti-pks ride out and a rather large fight happens.

    A self policing world was amazing, but Origin sold to EA, and then EA listened to the whiners, and now the game is a very small fragment of its previous potential.

    After that Id say Asheron's call.

    AC was also an open pvp, skill based system, but it had levels. As you gained levels, you got more points to spend in your skills, and the more you used a skill the more points it gained. The nice thing was though, spells were projectiles. If I fired a fireball at you, you could step to the left if you were quick and the fireball would zip past you harmlessly. This brought in skill to the game. I still remember watching my younger brother play his mage and taking on 4 - 5 people at a time in Ayan and killing them all, even when some where higher level. Why? Cause he was better at his toon than them. Not cause he had more exp, or better items.

    Last but not least Id have to say Dark Age of Camelot.

    Non open pvp, no looting, but it had something all the other games lacked, a incentive for pvping. Every time you kill someone you get points or "pvp exp" there were pvp levels (realm rank) and at each new level you got a point to spend on realm skills. Skills that could make you do more dmg, fill up your mana instantly every 5 min, uninteruptable casting, etc etc. This gave you more strength the longer you pvp'ed... it was a lot of fun for quite a while.

    Anyways those are just my thoughts on the best pvp games. I will give Shadowbane an honorable mention, but the point click user interface, and the sb.exe errors, stacked with the cheating and bug abuse to destroy towns in the first few months of the game just killed it for me.
  • mackalimesutmackalimesut Member Posts: 3
    i don't think ppl understand me, let me explain i need a free downloade able mmorpg game not couple days free let me give an example like lets take a game like ko i played it nice game but u need to pay that kind game i want but FREE and the games in your message you need to pay for and yeah i tryed shadow of bane but i get an error if u think u can fix message me pls eh... this is what i wanted to say... i don't have a good computer now so i stay with free mmorpg games till i get a new computer
  • KamokidKamokid Member Posts: 20
    Dark ages of camelot by far , and if you played mordred i beg to differ on the non looting part =)

    Back when ToA came out ...jeez

    Artifact encounters, drops etc

    ~~DaoC Until I Find a better MMORPG~~

    please give me suggestions =)
    rr11 eldritch mordred
    rr7 cleric mordred

  • mackalimesutmackalimesut Member Posts: 3
    yeah but when i download dark age of camelot and trying to make an acount u have to have cd key how is that?
  • arctarusarctarus Member UncommonPosts: 2,581
    I agree to the OP that i too like the pvp part, esp the part that it shows you how many humans have died and how many ors have died (sorry 4get their actual name, too long ago) and how the winner can have free access to the loser land and kill everytinhg they see... :D

    RIP Orc Choppa

  • canzanitocanzanito Member Posts: 31
    Heh yea Invasions FTW  I remember the pwnage human days...but some time ago humans started goin orks and started to get owned. Bah, still fun


  • PyrostasisPyrostasis Member UncommonPosts: 2,293
    Originally posted by Kamokid

    Dark ages of camelot by far , and if you played mordred i beg to differ on the non looting part =)

    Back when ToA came out ...jeez

    Artifact encounters, drops etc
    Getting coins, that arent part of the characters money, and no items isnt looting.

    Played on mordred since day one off and on
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