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What I love about this game is all the quests you can do.  Each level has a varying degree of difficulty for their quests and then there's the story quests too.  It's really quite great.

And the higher your level the better rewards they give you.  I'm level 41 and my latest quests are rewarding me with 15000 EXP.    Totally helps with the leveling.  I've also been doing my class quests.  A round of 10 quest and they start over, but they get harder.  Collect this item and you'll earn gold experience and items.  Then there's the Commerce quests.  Those are great because you get Experience and Gold, but you also lower the interest on your commerce permit. 


Emo: Kids who want to be different and individual, so they reform to the "Emo" persona. Just like every body else.


  • pinkehpinkeh Member Posts: 5
    At level 35.. the monsters i was killing solo gave me 2900 XP... wow 15000 XP... thats like... 5-6 monsters?


    Death penality was only 5000XP, doesnt hurt as much as the durability penalty, though gold is never the problem anyway.

    Lv60+ now
  • SnowySilenceSnowySilence Member Posts: 11
    True, Tales of Pirates is pretty Generous with the XP and Gold.  But a shot of XP like that is nice when you die.  It up's your EXP 3-5% which is a lot. I'm a LvL 41 right now, and I'm fighting with a friend.  So XP isn't that high for me.  Getting a boost like that is nice.

    Emo: Kids who want to be different and individual, so they reform to the "Emo" persona. Just like every body else.

  • xKnivesxKnives Member Posts: 5
    Yeah, it's always better to solo..or have atleast one

    friend to party with. Because having a full party is

    just a waste of time. The quests are fun and very

    helpful at the same time..

  • daodiedaodie Member Posts: 3

    Partying could be fast if you are with the right classes.

  • lichking999lichking999 Member Posts: 3
    the quests are jz exactly 4 ur lvl and you can choose the monsters that you want to kill i'm really enjoying this game!


  • lenis6666lenis6666 Member Posts: 5

    i like qwests to but this game whit out qwests is nothing.....=]

  • legend55legend55 Member Posts: 155

    The quest of  TALES OF PIRATES are good and the game masters and creators

    have thought about anything in this game but they are some bugs:):)

    but with all of that is TALES OF PIRATES a great game:)

  • LightBearerLightBearer Member Posts: 13

    The quests offer some very nice rewards, such as refining gems, pet fairy, voodoo doll, treasure chests (I have gotten Beautiful Chest and Mystic Chest) and nice gold and experience rewards. The class quests will always send you to the perfect training spot for your level and help you learn the map well. I recommend everyone do the story quest for the best rewards and of course its the only way to gain life skills such as mining, woodcutting, fishing, and setting up a stall.  I look forward to doing the rebirth quest soon, and I hear  it is HARD! Especially with no guide having been written yet, lol. Don't worry about that one until you reach 75 though


  • clostridiumclostridium Member Posts: 3

    I absolutely love the quests, they prevent me from getting too bored with the game. Whenever I don't feel like doing the same thing over and over again (killing one monster then the next in just one area), the quests supply me with new scenery and new energy.


    The rebirth quest does seem scary but, you know,  you can't move on 'til you try Good luck to all

  • fancyqingfancyqing Member Posts: 2

    and where can i get the fairy?  And what does it do ? Pls i want a fairy

  • maybegaomaybegao Member Posts: 3

    I like the quest too.

    and the race.

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