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Good game! 10 RATING! Oh wait, no boobies, give this game a flat 1!

thorn254thorn254 Member Posts: 37

Hot girls, elves dark elves, humans, even the ork females are somewhat hot, and yet I am sorely dissapointed to see this game's lack of boobies.

I know you guys love to hear why I hate this game but instead of looking on the negative side, I will rate this game positively, using my * rating system on how much it rocked, and if I didnt like it, use the -* rating on how much I wouldve liked it. Here we go:

-Great battle system *************

-Char Customization ***********

-Originality **********

-Babes *******

-Everything else ********

-Lack of boobies -******************









Acutally, the lack of boobies I had to shorten it becacause I couldnt add anymore, but yes, these girls have nice tits, too bad they cant show them. This game should be like a -60 but since it only goes down to one, I rated it that.

As the games best RPer, all RPers who RP pimps or something will really want to look for another game, like Ultima Online, which lacks tits but has really good gameplay, and if UO had tits, I would consider it heaven. It might be so addicting I would slaughter my wife on my kitchen floor. Until then, I will consider UO the best game, with or without titties, so try that.



I like dogs, they taste good.

I like dogs, they taste good.


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