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I'm sure this has been discussed in various threads, forgive me if I'm restating what's been said.

Ok I generally like this game.  I've played a hunter (level 14), Lore-master (level 6), and minstrel (level 4).  I have a few more classes created that I'll get to soon.  As a vote of confidence, I pre-ordered, so my criticisms are not fatal.  But here goes:

I still think the combat and movement is sluggish.  For example, when I click an action, there's a delay before it actually happens, even things that should be instant (no "casting timer.") Running is the same way.  When I turn left or right, the response doesn't seem instant, but the character "floats" in the direction I want to go.  It's slight, but noticeable.  I suspect this is a symptom of the developers effort to keep animations smooth.  At first I thought I was just being picky, but, it takes me out of the immersion, and reminds me that I'm sitting at a computer controlling a character in a PC game.  In real life, the instant I decide to move my arm (swing a sword) my body starts doing it.  In LOTRO, I move my arm (mouse/keystroke) and a moment later my charcter's arm moves.  It's not that I'm asking for a twitch experience, because the storyline is clearly paramount to this game.  I'm just having occasional difficulty believing in my characters because of this.  Any one else agree?

What does it mean? Well, I like the game enough to play for a while, but I suspect I'll drop it when one of the next MMOs gets here - AoC, WAR, etc.)  And, the feeling that I'm biding my time further takes me out of the roleplaying experience, because it seems like my characters already have an end date.    

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