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Trojan-Downloader ?

KwailoKwailo Member Posts: 30

I am running Windows Vista Ultimate fully updated.

I was using Zonealarm Beta but today I decided to uninstall it and start using Kaspersky Anti Virus Suite. Unistalled ZA Beta, purchased Kaspersky (works very nice btw), updated Kaspersky and began using my machine.

This was the second site that I came to and recieved a Trojan-Downloader warning right off the bat.

detected: Trojan program Trojan-Downloader.JS.Agent.eb URL: http://www.fpipe.com/Help.Htm

Not sure what this is but I blocked it. I have not recieved any warnings from this site before so I figured this might be something new and figured I should send in a email to MMORPG staff as a warning and post here incase anyone has run into this. It could be just some add related thing, not sure.


Good Luck

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