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Lag was my only problem with this game

DedthomDedthom Member Posts: 541
My only real problem was the lag, have the servers improved?

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Coyote's Howling: Death of the Computer


  • FleeingFleeing Member Posts: 5

    They released a new client recently, the servers are much more stable now and rarely ever lags not that it has ever been much of an issue for me since I started this game.

  • christwariorchristwarior Member Posts: 126

    I've played this game on and off for quite a while and I've never had a problem with lag. Try the new client, it might be better.

  • RistySindelRistySindel Member Posts: 11

    Lag is still an occurance but its not as bad as it was.

  • Ebol-aEbol-a Member Posts: 18

    The servers are still way below current standards.


    Just go onto the Nemesis server and watch the complaints in the chat screen every 10 minutes.


    Maybe if there was an actual company runnin this game instead of a bunch of nobodies, there's be enough coin ta solve the problem.


    The only reason the vets put up with it is cuz they have so much time already into the game.

    Truth is, the Nemesis server is worse than it was... Thats what I was gettin from it.

    New client didnt fix nuthin


    But hey... Go for it

  • RistySindelRistySindel Member Posts: 11

    I’m assuming you’ve been playing the game for awhile?

    Because everything you’ve just said is truth.

    Neme gives more problems that Hally ever did.

    Sure the fact that it was unmonitored was a problem for a few anally redundant folk that just don’t get the meaning of 18+ or PVP but it was far better than the unstable –wanna-watch-whom-you-kill-and-say-server!



  • Ebol-aEbol-a Member Posts: 18

    Yes, I played for over 6 months (minimum 200 hours on each of the 3 servers)

    I'm also one of those who believe that an 18+ PVP, un-moderated server  is a good idea.

    That way, players language would be seen as an "in-game" thing, intimidation as a "weapon" or even as "armor". It would be viewed as a "play-style" if a player decided to incorperate intimidation with a "toon".

    Verbal intimidation and "trash talk" can be alot of fun (I saw opportunities to use some creatively rude attacks, but I restrained myself). Kinda like playing a rude character in a movie...

    Basically, the new PVP server NEMESIS is just the same as the general server PHOENIX.

    Except that they "test" new updates which seem to have been created to hold the interest of high level players. That isn't necessarily a bad thing...

    In fact, I saw very little difference between the 3 servers.

  • RistySindelRistySindel Member Posts: 11

    Neme has become exactly like Phoenix.

    I don't like Phoenix. I loved the unothodoxed fun, hally offered you! Do, say and however else as you please!

    It wasn't that bad, people just couldn't stop crying about this and that and 'he ganked me!'. If its such a problem rise up to the challenge damn it! Isn't that what its about? Sad really. Awe well... I have always enjoyed playing but slowly and surely...I think one of those 6 months breaks are needed again.

  • ladybug420ladybug420 Member Posts: 17

    Yall are just looking for the next best thing. You dont care about loyalty , or the friends that you make on the game. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT SHUT UP AND PLAY SOMETHING ELSE. Jeez all i hear on here is how oh i play the game for 1 day and i hate it. Apparently if you guys need someone to figure a game out for you or you need more than a month to learn a game then you're too stupid to play RoE. It's NOT a hard game to learn. oh, and apparently none of you have patience. If you had kids, you'd have patience for a game.


    Oh and when I say Ya'll it means YOU ALL that don't like RoE. I didn't want to offend the players that have taken the opportunity to learn the game and the players that love the game thinking i was talking to them because i wasn't. k?

  • RistySindelRistySindel Member Posts: 11

    I’m not offended, nor do I hate the game. I like it but I will admit it’s not flawless, oh and for a little FYI. I’ve been playing for a year and a half. So my complaints are well seeded since I’ve seen most of what it has to offer, newer changes, yada yada yada.

     But I will say this, belittling people who take a bit to learn the game? Shame on you. For someone who has a high opinion on things, you’re going the wrong way about it. In fact, I tried to teach a family member the game and it’s been well over 2 months and he still doesn’t get everything. Sometimes it doesn’t work out for everyone – none the less! Off, point i've gone.

    *Risty Out*

  • ladybug420ladybug420 Member Posts: 17

    FYI i've been playing RoE a heck of a lot longer than a year and a half, thanks....i wasn't belittling you or anyone else  you know just pointing out the fact that people that belittle the game that they've barely played need just stop playing..there's no reason to keep bashing the game ... i'm defending the game and the people that play it ...

  • TheocritusTheocritus Member RarePosts: 5,575

           I always had problems in combat in this game....I dont know if it was lag or jsut bad combat but it felt like I could hardly move........There were also times when all of a sudden I was dead........Combat would jsut start and before I could do anything the lag would be awful and then i died......It made it to where I couldnt go anywehre very dangerous liek the ruins.......RoE had some very good ideas but the implementation was poor and the combat was a gamebreaker for me......Its to obad because the class system was excellent and some of the crafting was really good also......Im surprised no one ever tried to use a similar class system, at least I never saw another system like it.

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