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mainly pvp?

BrognanBrognan Member Posts: 78
is there any chance to have with PVEing or is that game all about the PVP, cause me and a friend wanted to try this game but we dont really like PVPing

oh and i was wanting to make a minotaur different races start in different places?


  • AngelboundAngelbound Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,437
    Ehhh if you want pve its mainly a grind and this game is opened pvp, ive barly tried it but even eq1 is more fun pve wise, I suggest 9 dragons for pve but you really dont have to be aggresive to do pvp I do it for the challenge and in this game you can build cities and take over others etc, I also suggest gw if your looking for free online.
  • BrognanBrognan Member Posts: 78
    ahh if thats the way its pvp based i think ill be fine, i thought guild wars kinda sucked...waste of 100 bucks too...sigh
  • AngelboundAngelbound Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,437
    I felt the same way about gw friend, not enough umph in abilitys in my opinion. So I just use it for pvp but hey you can sell the boxes and keys in ebay if ya want. Im playing eq2 atm it has good pve it takes a while  to level to 70 in this game but you can play casually if you want, what kind of game are you guys really looking for?
  • BrognanBrognan Member Posts: 78
    not really sure, hes a fussy lil guy, we were trying to play neverwinter nights but for some reason we cant tell when each other is on, and we cant see eachothers servers..was a big mess, then he was thinking about lineage 2...but i dont really have the money to go and buy a new game...i can always try to get him to play city of heroes i guess...i dunno what else to do really
  • AngelboundAngelbound Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,437

    Well coh/cov gets pretty repeitive because the lack of environment and lack of content, the game is fun for a month or 2 though some people get bored after a week but its not a game you should play more then 3 hours at a time, I suggest 9 dragons though since its free the graphics arent all that though, nwn1 should work dont bother with 2 its still having issues atm im thinking of selling mine on ebay heh. Ever thought about planeshift? I hear its decent for pve and has interesting character creation the graphics are better then shadowbane I believe. Horizons is another popular choice.


    Also if you like ship games try spacecowboy its a long download so I did not get it yet it has pvp but pve to dontt hink there is alot of missions, saga of ryzom has an unlimited trial that is an interesting game and a nice change of pace, it doesnt really feel like a grind because of events and because the mobs are extremly life like crazy ai in this game, and there is a evolving storyline you can level up doing player quests because you can create your own maps and quests for other people to experience, there is other things you can create as well cant pull it out of top of my head. Also your not limited to class you get any skills you want you can be war/mage/priest type all in one. It is basicly a sandbox. And you only have to pay 15 a month if you decide you want it no purchase of the game.


    Stay away from lineage 2 its pure pvp and the pve is pure grind, there are plenty of other free games on the site just do some research.


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