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4th place, what a shame!

OgrelinOgrelin Member Posts: 636

Seems our beloved game dropped a notch on the mmorpg-toplist!? :(


  • RavkeenRavkeen Member UncommonPosts: 310
    Everyone is hating how can a pirate game go up above daoc.

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  • LordSlaterLordSlater Member Posts: 2,087
    maybee because more peopel like pirates perhaps?


  • BigfootBigfoot Member Posts: 364
    Or because the game is being run into the ground and more and more people are leaving.


    Looking for something new.

  • OgrelinOgrelin Member Posts: 636

    3:rd again! :)

  • LordSlaterLordSlater Member Posts: 2,087
    Thats it keep it up with those Macros


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