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What do/did you enjoy about EQ?



  • Clownsheep22Clownsheep22 Member Posts: 38
    Originally posted by Deathstiny

    it's actually not that hard to replicate -  developers just need to have the guts to do it and stop producing one wow clone after another.
    First thing that needs to happen after character creation is to NOT have a quest NPC in front of you when you first log in. OH MY GOD WE CAN'T POSSIBLE HAVE PLAYERS TRY TO FIGURE THINGS OUT FOR THEMSELVES!  get a life people.
    Second, the first mob you encounter in the game should have a half decent chance of actually killing you.
    Third, don't have player housing, don't have player boats, don't have an over the top crafting system and by god don't have a magic the gathering card game included and call it diplomacy.
    A good MMO only takes decent graphics, good lore, and needs to challenge the player. Nothing since EQ1 has done that.

    That was beautifully put man. I'm right there with you. All these new games try TOO hard. Houses, boats, all sound good in theory but in practice people want what eq1 was. Nothing more.


    Come on companies, grow some balls and make a goood game instead of more wow clones.

  • Clownsheep22Clownsheep22 Member Posts: 38

    All these posts! I love them...

    You guys I really miss eq! :(. It's been years and it still never fades. You always will miss that damn feeling :).

    If I look at too many screenies from around 2000 I'll get real emotional teehee.

    I'm right here with all of you when you say the "spells felt like magic". I love everquest1 (I don't play anymore because it changed so much). I will always find everquest 1 to be the best game to ever have been created.

    I miss that feeling just like all of you. I miss it a lot! It never quite goes away...

    What do you guys think of this idea? Companies keep trying to make new games and pumping them out and they're ALL THE SAME. They're all just like wow and they are not even 1/100th of the game eq 1 was.

    What if they did this: Round up 100 people like us who played everquest back in around 1999-2001. Listen to all 100 of us talk about all the things we loved from the game (spells, items, mobs, leveling, community, cities, races, classes.,, etc i could go on forever =) ). Have some sort of conference where we all go over how much we loved EQ and why.  If a gaming company listens to us 100 people who loved eq talk about what we loved about it and then records it all and basically makes a new game that is what everquest was in 1999-2000 they would have a hit!  IM SO SICK OF THIS WOW bullshit games. I just tried out LOTRO and it's (surprise surprise) exactly what WoW is.  I feel no drive to level, talk to the community, quest, or get a good inventory. I immediately feel bored from it. It's so sad. I come to every new game looking for even 1/100th the feeling I got from EQ and i can't find it anywhere.

    RECREATE EQ!! Lol, an encore of it or something. If they listened to the 100 of us say what we loved about eq and made a newgame (not the same as EQ) but a game that basically is EQ in the form of another game I"D PLAY IT ! Lol. Just make a new game with different cities and races and classes but basically modeled exactly around what eq WAS in 2000 and they'd have a great game.

    I miss it :(. It seems like nothing else will measure up.

    And nothhing is more annoying and patronizing than having someone tell me "you only liked eq so much because it was the first game of this type". THAT'S NOT TRUE!!!

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