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Fighting in Linage 2

UifzUifz Member Posts: 252
Can someone tell me how the fighting is in Linage 2, like is it Diablo type, click click, or is it just like any other mmorpg out there with select attack and it automaticly attacks.


  • rathmarathma Member UncommonPosts: 3,786

     Precisley. It's completely boring combat if you ask me. Just click on a monster and you attack it.

     If your looking for good combat i would lean towards CoH.

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  • EnigmaEnigma Member UncommonPosts: 11,384

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  • KelsonmacKelsonmac Member Posts: 313

    Basically, here is how you fight:

    First, of course, you have to find something to kill. This is not difficult to do as the world is infested with monsters. Okay, now you click on the mob once and a color code comes up. The colors determine how the mob cons to you. If you want to fight it, you click on it again and a little sword icon pops up meaning that you are now in attack mode. So, your character now runs up to the mob and begins hacking away at it like a warrior on crack. This is done automatically, so if all you want to do is swing your sword (or whatever) that is all you have to do. Now, there is a skill bar on the screen which contains special attacks (or spells if you are a mage) or to change your weapon . . .and you can click on a corresponding icon to perform these actions. After the fight, the mob might drop some adena (gold) or other items which you have to pick up manually.

    The whole battle engine in L2, to me, is impersonal as well as clunky.

  • OaksteadOakstead Member Posts: 455

    Yes, the one on one fighting is point and click but that is not where the challenge is at. The challenge is in picking out the MOB to attack. These MOBs tend to be grouped. Many are mixed together and they move around to some degree. The MOBs have different aggro ranges and if you go deep into their area they will spawn near you and attack you.

    Lots, and mean lots of players are killed by MOBs in this game because they cannot read the MOB situation. Even skilled ones who want to take higher risks for fun and profit get into trouble now and then.

    You can always play it safe if that is your fighting style since this game gives you that option but that gets boring. You have a lots of choices on how you want to fight - continually fight easy MOBs for little gain per kill or fight hard MOBs with a large gain per kill but then you have to wait between fights to regain health or mana.

  • Rad_RooferRad_Roofer Member Posts: 153

    Granted fighting mobs isn't the most interesting point in the game.....but is it truly in any??

    This game has some great PvP action.  It is not as simple as point and click for that.  It takes a little skill to be good at this!





  • simsloshsimslosh Member Posts: 30

    It's very obvious that fighting in Lineage 2 is auto attack, just like in every other MMORPG.



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