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Mining too

TorschenTorschen Member Posts: 78
As many, and me too, has extensively talked about hunting in EU, lets not forget mining. While it is true one had better develop some hunting skills to defend oneself while on those mining trips, many ppl concentrate solely on mining. And why?

When I created a secondary ava for WoW, with mining as a profession, I find it simply hilarious to be able to see deposits clearly from distance, even on radar, and what was most funny, they respawned at exact same spot after few minutes!! After EU I could not help but laugh.

As you might guess, EU being economically so ruthless, such respawning system simply would not do. No, deposits are hidden underground, you need finders to find them, bombs and probes to create sonic waves which will then hopefully be reflected back from a deposit to your detector, and then drill for getting the minerals up. And of course equipment decay and every bomb costs you, whether you find anything or not.

And deposits certainly do not respawn in minutes, actually almost no one knows for sure how quickly it happens, but it seems on some areas (yes, areas, not at some exact coordinates) they'll reappear within a day even, on some others after maybe a week or so. And of course there might have been another miner just before you, so if you know the area you should be able to judge from your results if you have to move on or not.

Note that you can mine anywhere!  Well, not inside buildings or underwater (that was changed few patches ago), but if you are on open ground, in some remote forest, desert, outpost, even on those space station biodomes, you can drop a bomb or probe. If you find something, you can then drop more nearby to see if it was a isolated deposit, or if you have hit some maybe good area. If its good, you maybe start using your preplanned bombing pattern to really extensively cover the area. Then  you mark it (mentally or on paper/3rd party prog), and you have new place of interest on your map.

Now, while looking for new areas you may choose to fight your way in through herds of difficult mobs, hoping not too many miners bother to visit those areas = better chances for you. You may travel to the fartest corners of the continents, hoping theres not so much traffic. You may mix hunting and mining, hunting not-too-hard mobs and probe now and then, then concentrate more on one or another depending on returns. Later on you may have to plan long mining trips through various, hostile or not, areas to reach your favourite mining grounds.

What has been said elsewhere about economic sustainability, casino effect, most lose - some win scheme, etc., all that applies to mining just as well of course. Just wanted to point out how EU mining can be a real treat, a very interesting profession indeed.
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