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New Player Question about Server

XisGoDXisGoD Member Posts: 12
hi all shadowbane players im new to the game and im wondering what server i should join. can some please help me and explain to me a few things? i saw that each server has diffrent maps and on there website it explaint a lil bit on this server you can gaint faster gold or faster exp and so on. what im confused about is tho that it even said "Other Information:  Characters from other worlds are allowed to migrate here with their equipment, inventory, and bank vault" i dnt get this? does this mean if i start on one server i can keep switching on to ohter server to play on there maps? and if so how do i do that? and can some please tell me a good server to start off as a newbie? where people help each other and got roleplay in it?


  • danmccooeydanmccooey Member Posts: 30

    There are multiple servers that you CANNOT traverse between.  There is no migrating or server jumping.  There was a time when they closed and opened new servers allowing a 1 time migration but that's it.



    Mourning - This should be your choice.  It's the unofficial roleplaying server and there is a great guild called Dragonscale that is noob friendly and open recruits to help.  Big population as well.

    Redemption - Mainly Euro/Pac Rim players.

    Wrath - Making a comeback but not noob friendly.

    Braialla - Barren, nobody home.

    Vindication - Lore ruleset.  Definately takes some studying up on and is a different game.  If you want to play strictly within the lore, go here.  Noobs will be pretty hard-set to get a good baring on the game though.

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