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Knight Online Boycott In Progress

BadKittieBadKittie Member Posts: 30
My whole complaint comes from the fact that Knight Online has been around since 2004.  Guild Wars has been around since 2005, and World Of Warcraft has been around since 2004.  These mmorpgs are not brand new to technology and the market as we all know already.

Because mmorpgs are not a brand new concept and even this particular game has been around for 3 years already, there is NO excuse for the instability, dc's, errors, crashes, and unacceptable lag issues.  This company has had years now to improve, maintain, and build a good quality game for the consumers.  They want us to spend money so they can make these improvements and continue the game and company growth, and yet to this day, no customer of K2 has seen one true example of their money being used to make such growth.

If this had been a game and company that was brand new to the market, then it would be accepted by the customers easier, but it's not.  This is a baseline mmorpg that has been around long enough now that these problems should be next to nonexistant.  When looking at Knight Online's progress and quality, it makes us think of Knight Online as the "Pinto" parked amongst a display of "Cadillacs" or you can think of K2 as the slumloard amongst the area's top rated caring landlords.  This can not continue any longer.  Our money has been lost to K2 and the services for which we have paid for, have not been fulfilled in exchange for the money we have given.  Now is the time that all gamers, both pay and free, need to come together and stop this scam before others suffer like we have.  We have paid for services promised to us and those services have yet to be rendered.

I will close my letter with this:  Everyone, tell your friends, tell your fellow gamers, inform other sites where gamers congregate.  Let everyone know what is happening to our money and the lack of services completed by K2.  Don't hide the truth behind K2 and Knight Online.  Don't let their threat of banning you scare you into staying silent.  Inform everyone, stand your ground, and speak the truth about K2!

Boycott K2:  Refuse To Pay Premium!


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