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One set of Bots Banned! Details inside!!

EnigmaEnigma Member UncommonPosts: 11,384

OK..Im still not getting the game but i did get a kick after a set of bots came onto the forums upset that they were banned.  Here is a small excerpt froma very nervous chinese boy who undoubtedly screwed up a series of bots used to generate money for his "supervisor" (this is actually a job in China right now):

we are not PKer ,and we have NEVER stealing.....,we dont like PK ,and we have NEVER PK other players,PLS told me your name if you have been PK or stealed by us,please show the fact to everbody .i say gain, we have NEVER PK and NEVER steal anything.

i dong know anything about orcs.i dont know what he say about orcs.......

i am not a American,but i meet many friend from USA, Canada ,Germen ....,they help us a lot,when my friend killer011 do the transition assignment,3 american help him to got 2 rat leader's teeth.i am sorry for havent remenber their name ,but i feel warm with foreign players,they didnt mind our poor english and help us and protect killer011 pass the danger aera.we all feel the perfect play environment in USA servers.

i hope the guy said we PK and STEAL ,tell the fact to everyone,dont slander us.

pls forgive my poor english

my EMAIL:[email protected]


Exerpt numbet 2 from the bots:

my ID is killer013 in lionna server,yesterday i found i and my friends ID killer014 killer015 killer011 killer007 and icecrack could not login the game,i doubt we were banned.
we are not BOT,we are not PKer,we havent stolen,WHY BANNED US????



My response to him:


People who have to create conspiracy and hate threads to further a cause lacks in intellectual comprehension of diversity.

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