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ZimokZimok Member Posts: 266
what are some of the better pvp professions people can get?

are any of the mage professions good?

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  • LrdHadesLrdHades Member UncommonPosts: 164
    On the Ubisoft/SB Wizard and Warlock forums there are a couple of good templates for mage based templates.

    Lords of the Dead, LotD

    Supreme Leader Hades
    The Imperial Aces

  • HirzikHirzik Member Posts: 57

    Thus far there've also been some interesting developments as far as mages are concerned:

    Mage-based Assassins:
    Technically this mage has average damage per direct or over time damage, however s/he has the fastest direct damage spell in the game (2.0 seconds). An Irekei mage-based assassin with the SunDancer rune applied has a very high attack rating (2 +150 attack rating weapons for a total of +300 attack rating) since they can wield 2 daggers or khan'xirs (SunDancer's weapon, a flame that wraps the hand). Generally they'll go with daggers as assassins get shadow daggers which use shadow mastery (the assassin spell focus) for their weapon mastery and thereby allow them a chance to do good melee damage aside from great casting damage.

    Mage-based Bard:
    Personally I haven't seen a lot of these as they lack the defense of their fellow rogue-based bards. However, their damage spells do a lot more damage than those of their rogue-based brethren.

    Shade mage-assassins also high increased damage because if they take the recently released Shroudborne rune, they get a -30% cold debuff which helps immensely since the shadowbolt (the assassin spell that has 2.0 second casting time) does damage that is flagged as 'cold'.

    Mage-based Channelers:
    Currently a not too common trend I've seen are sword-wielding (there is a sword with channeling as its mastery skill) Channelers. This works if you can't deal with only being able to cast and want some melee combat. However, Channelers are a very bad example of a fighter since warriors, warlocks, elves, and many other classes (Templars anybody?) have them beat for damage, speed of said damage, and PvP/GvG usage (yes Channelers have a use in PvP and GvG, just not as a melee).

    Mage-based Doomsayers:
    This is one of the evilest classes in the game regardless of if you go mage-base or healer-base. However, the mage-based doomsayer gets harder hitting health, mana, and stamina drains while the healer-based doomsayer can summon friends in to help, heal him/herself without any targets around, and the healer-based doomsayer gets to wear armor. ::::09:: Overall these guys are just plain evil... they get debuffs that subtract from constitution, skills of defense, spell mastery, and weapon proficiency aside from being able to drain/transfer their enemies health, mana, & stamina to themselves.

    Mage-based Warlocks:
    The mage-based warlock... originally looked at as one of the hardest class/profession mixtures to play, essentially on par with a Templar who doesn't have Wings of the Seraphim (you sprout wings, your heavy armor helm is turned into a hood, and you deal out a lot more damage per swing from your two-handed or single-hand sword). Mage-based warlocks have a low defense until they hit level 50 when they get a spell that grants them invulnerability for 20 seconds. However, warlocks get a lot of debuffs and deal good damage per casting of their spells (they get an area-of-effect spell while assassins get a single-target damage-over-time spell). Overall it is possible for a warlock to hit you with two -50 mental resistance debuffs thereby reducing your defense to a -100 and dishing out some high damage per cast.

    Mage-based Wizards:
    Mage-based wizards... the only type of wizards are veterinarians. Meaning that while you get a very powerful direct-damage spell, your pet is alot stronger than you are and can save you from taking many of the physical blows that would otherwise cripple/kill you. Currently pets GM twice(the term for hitting the highest level of a power or skill, although most refer to skills as yellowing since that's what color they turn when you hit the highest you can go with them unlike powers that just say you have a status of Grand Master), meaning that once you GM them the first time there is a second version of the pet to GM (this is only true for the huntress and wizard... no other pets in the game GM twice). The first GM gets your pet to level 50 (you put 40 points into the pet... it starts at level 11 when you put that first point into your pet) and the second gets the pet to level 60 (and respectively it only costs 1 training point per level in the pet). Wizards (and Huntresses) are the only class(es) that can buff, heal, and summon their pets into existance.

    Just thought I'd shead a little light on the situation with mages atm. At least as far as what's more common with them ingame.

    In regard to the original question of are any necessarily better for PvP... well.... that all depends on your personal playstyle. Me personally I'm thinking about making a Nephilim Doomsayer someday... however he'll be healer base so he can summon people and it is technically possible for a nephilim doomsayer to fly to the starting island as I've seen it done a lot... so can Templars, and a few other classes. However in all fairness it takes a lot of stamina and time to fly to the starting island and since the area is an anti-PK zone I really don't understand the point of it, but that's just my opinion.


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