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Worst Client Download Ever

PopeOnDopePopeOnDope Member Posts: 29

Kal has the worst client download ever!

It takes 26hours for me and i have a desent computer.

Plz reply to say how it took you and could u even be BOTHERED


  • DougallDougall Member Posts: 32
    there was a choice to download kal i clicked number one it come up with a huge download time so i tryed number 2 it was a two and a half hour download and i`m based in the uk the game is worse than the download i quit at level 35 boring game never seen so many players trying to scam ppl in a mmo typical free azn grind game bad community ,hackers,bad gm support, cash shop
  • DougallDougall Member Posts: 32

    choice between A and B client download not one and two

  • junkroomjunkroom Member Posts: 82
    u can also download the client from mmosite...
  • SkullmuffinSkullmuffin Member Posts: 10

    It took about 3 and a half hours with 2 others DLing things and another playing BF2 and having a good your computer doesn't mean you have good internet

    Your Death Will Be A Long And Painful One!

  • Bladez470Bladez470 Member Posts: 3

    I have like a super computer xP It took me 20 minutes but i did not want to wait that long so i tryed the numbered from 1 to 9

    They are all like 2 minutes so if u download them al at the same time u only have to wait 2 minutes  

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