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Role Playing Discussion - or is it?

I haven't really been able to bring myself to post about this here, but really, enough is enough.  I'm not quite sure what the intent of the Role Playing Discussion forum was when it was created here on MMORPG.com, but for some reason I doubt it was to be used as a Free MMORPG request area. 

When a forum is called Role Playing Discussion, it's at least expected in some regard to have topics pertaining to Role Playing.  It does, though to find them one has to sift through dozens of threads that have nothing to do with Role Playing.  Just a simple look at it right now is example enough.  So I ask of you, can somebody either point out to me the detail I missed when reading the description or bring in somebody to moderate the forum every now and then?  Perhaps make it a bit more specific as to what the forum is used for.

Thanks for your time.
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