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Did they make skill grinding better?

AtmaDarkwolfAtmaDarkwolf Member UncommonPosts: 353
I would come back because the game was very unique and diffrent, but the skill grinding for any type of char other than warrior was too much for me (12+hrs hitting the same key for 1 lv at lv 1 of a skill dosen't apeal to me)

So, did they make it a little easier to levle your skills during normal play?(or od u have to grind to keep them even with your level)


  • AzalinRexAzalinRex Member Posts: 47
    i believe it is the same. Since i dont saw any xp related change lately.
  • nynnivanynniva Member UncommonPosts: 235

    That's what killed it for me=/ I was playing a HD Phantom Demon, but after no less than 8 hours sitting staring at my monitor hitting the same key over and over again and still not levelling up ONE of my many buffs...I said screw it.

    I'm not the kind of person who cheats, and well, there's just no way to compete with all the people and their buff-levelling macros and I don't have the playtime to invest in hitting the same key, over and over...over and over...

    You think it might be just a teensy bit mind numbing if it can be played by a 10-line script.

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