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how rich can you get in RF online?

antmilanantmilan Member Posts: 6

a spec can charge 10k-75k per giga ammo.

a warper (dark preist, dementer, astralist) can charge 80k-100k per head when warping from ether to HQ.

a normal dude farms or mines ore for a long time, hopes for a keen to show and sell it 750k-1m.

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How can you make quick and easy money???


  • s0ulls0ull Member Posts: 186

    There is no real trick to easy cash, mining the core for ore and selling on the AH is the easiest way to make cash as you can do it when your AFK. Also selling good loot drops makes good cash.

  • elsdragonelsdragon Member UncommonPosts: 28
    playing the game for the short time i did i found that in farming (hunting low lvl mobs for along time) specs are the best since they have the 2% extra item drop ratio then other classes.

    Mineing in the core is great also. sleeping for 8 hr's i had made alot of raw ore. so i soild as much as i could from them and prossed a nice amount of it. selling the talic to random players on the market for a good sum of cash (depending on talic).

    then while farming you get item's also (mainly wepons and armor sets). selling those on the open market was awsome.

    haveing a spec means u could have also crafted items. chargeing a crafting fee to players helps. (be nice to clan mates tho. just get them to get u the stuff needed. clannies are ur only true friends in that game.)

    and finaly play as a female. alot of guys tend to give u stuff for free alot.
  • kramtkramt Member Posts: 86
    Aside from mining you can also do some Battle Dungeon or Dark Hole farming. I found it also fun to do because aside from the reward after each mission you also level up, so it's double the rewards with a single effort
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