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9 Dragons events this weekend

silly2k2silly2k2 GlasgowMember Posts: 63

4 - 6PM PT - Double EXP on Nirvana

4 - 6PM GMT - Double EXP on Bardo

(friday saturday and sunday) so I guess that means 6 hours of double exp

Black and white war follows after on Saturday (6PM in both time zones)






  • plkocevplkocev PlevenMember UncommonPosts: 29
    I thought these events are going to be every weekend
  • dhrddmdhrddm AradMember Posts: 65
    Question: does this double XP work only for grinding or also for kung fu leveling?

    Come on... Give me a break!

  • plkocevplkocev PlevenMember UncommonPosts: 29

    I think it will be for both grinding and skills

    The last time it was one hour for grinding and one hour for skills.But the experience for skills was x100 :)

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