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Why did they put the client at Fileplanet?

someforumguysomeforumguy Member RarePosts: 4,030
I preordered the game at codemasters and got through an email redirected to Fileplanet for the download. I hate that website! It not only tries to lure you into getting a paid subscription, but also makes you install their downloadmanager! It is the only website that I know of that forces its own software down your throat and this only to download a client to be able to participate in a game i paid the preorder already for! I only want the LOTRO gameclient, not a subscription at a website that has nothing to do with the game!

If anyone of you know an alternative website to download from, please let me know. I refuse to have anything to do with Gamespy or Fileplanet crap! I already had to create two seperate accounts at codemasters, one for their normal site and another gameaccount for the codemasters online website. That is enough!


  • cupertinocupertino Member Posts: 1,094
    You dont need to subscribe (pay) or use the download manager to download LOTRO from fileplanet. you do need to signup for a free account though. And I recommend the downlaod manager, cus LOTRO is 4.8gig, after download uninstall.. simple.

    Dont blame fileplanet for codemasters run around. fileplanet is a great site IMHO.


  • someforumguysomeforumguy Member RarePosts: 4,030
    When I chose to download it comes with the downloadmanager, If I cancel that ( I already have a downloadmanager installer) it also cancels the download. You dont even get a choice!

    But anyway, Im already sick of the crapload of registrations I had to make to even get to the download. Three! Three new subscriptions for one gameclient! Another three times 'very important login information that I need to put away in a safe place and make sure I dont lose'.

    Maybe you think its a great website, well I dont agree. It makes me sick to my stomach how I always have to wait 25-30 minutes for a download to start, while it shows a button 'Don't Wait! Subscribe now!' for a paid subscription. I didnt pay a LOTRO preorder for this crap! I hate their selling style the same way as those selling companies that call me when Im ready to sit down and eat my dinner .

    Edit: I bet even their downloadmanager shows a subscription button for a paid subscription. They are evil!
  • someforumguysomeforumguy Member RarePosts: 4,030
    I just visited the US website. Is it possible for EU players to use the client that is provided with the bittorrent link on the US website?
  • Mars505Mars505 Member Posts: 623
    Codemasters simply cannot handle the shear number of downloads that the game is generating, so you will have to use fileplanet  or go out and get yourself a pre-order disc.

    who me ?

  • someforumguysomeforumguy Member RarePosts: 4,030
    O well, I started the download. And my suspicions were right. Even the downloadmanager offers you to go for the paid subscription or Fileplanet with their 'Skip the line!' button .  I wonder if there has been anyone who didnt need to be 'in the line' with a free download on Fileplanet.

    Anyway, I dont understand why I cant make use of the same bittorrent that the US players can use. It would only make the bittorrent more efficient if more ppl would be able to use it.

    Hmpf, my anger is settling down. If you happen to see a newb acting odd, like bashing some orc's skull while rambling something like 'Halfling coming through! Skipping the line! *thwack!* ' then its probably me
  • Mars505Mars505 Member Posts: 623
    If I where you , I would get on the CM forums and make a big stink, and get CM on the same page as U.S. , tell them this is not just another asian mmo port. This is a top of the line title that should be show cased as such !

    who me ?

  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912

    That's what has me worried and feeling sympathetic for you EU guys having to deal with Codemaster. hopefully, you won't get stuck with the "patches come four months after Turbine releases them for NA", which seems the standard operating procedure for asian ports of games. Hopefully, Turbine has them locked in with a strong agreement as far as support and quality of the distribution.


    Edit: Ya know, since they removed the region restrictions so you can play on either server, doesn't that mean those in EU could just buy and run the NA version? If so, maybe a majority of EU gamers will go that route and cut out CM totally.

  • snuffsaidsnuffsaid Member Posts: 1

    The EU beta used to be behind turbine but got to a stage where it was at most a couple of days behind with patches which to my mind is pretty impressive considering they have to localise everything into German and French which turbine do not.

    There seems to be a lot of CM bashing atm and i don't know why they may not have the best record with MMORPG's but with LOTRO they seem to be going all out, and the community guys seem to be trying hard.

    But hey, thats just me, i dont go in for the whole "Bashing companies because it's cool" that goes on in most forums.

    Call me nuts for that but it's the way I am 8-p

  • someforumguysomeforumguy Member RarePosts: 4,030
    Just came back to find the download complete. Well, at least according to the Fileplanet downloadmanager. It's a zip file and at first it seemed to be a corrupt archive. Untill I discovered that you can only unpack it with Fileplanet's provided downloadmanager So for a backup I either have to archive it myself again after unpacking or keep using their software!

    Still I think that EU players should have the option to make use of the bittorrent link that US players could use. Really, never make Fileplanet the only option. Ive sent an email to the customer service of Codemasters about this. But I highly doubt that they care. LOTRO is popular enough for most players to look beyond evil Fileplanet anyway. Maybe, I am to harsh about them, but I hate their way of trying to sell you a subscription and their artificial 'waiting cueue's' for people without subscription. The downloadmanager they force upon you with their non-standard archive made it completely wrong imo.

    But hey, I have LOTRO now! See you all (well the EU players at least) in Middle Earth on 14 april!
  • RK-MaraRK-Mara Member Posts: 641
    I don't have Fileplanet's download manager installed and it works fine.

    Fileplanet has high download speeds. There's other places to download too.


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