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Xfire Support for DAoC

OgrelinOgrelin Member Posts: 636

Xfire Support

Posted By: Missy Hatch 2007-04-02 15:04:44

Maybe you’re wondering who’s online RIGHT now. Crazy ex-girlfriend? Weird newbie stalker? Wonder no more!

Now that DAOC is compatible with Xfire, you can see who’s online before logging in. Download the Xfire client which will allow you to see who’s online playing Dark Age of Camelot.

In order to enable the new Xfire capablities introduced in 1.88, you have to type /xfire on while in-game, and then relog to the character select screen or zone in order for it to take effect.


  • docminusdocminus Member Posts: 717
    um, and the point is? just wondering, since this isn't anything new :P

    what I though find annoying is that xfire makes a difference between all the daoc versions - why?

    EQ2 is EQ2, no matter which expansion.

    WoW is WoW, no matter if with BC or not.

    etc, etc, etc....


  • OgrelinOgrelin Member Posts: 636

    Don't know, I was thinking that myself... :) I logged in yesterday and typed /xfire ingame and got a system message, but I didn't notice anything diffrent in x-fire.

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