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Ragnarok Online 2

I just been on youtube and watch a lots of Ragnarok Online 2 beta clips and its look kinda cute. Im just wondering if there is any chance for a European server.

I tried to check these two link without any luck.



The only think I manage to figure out is that there is 3 sort of release date. One for Korea, Japan and final one international. But what does the international cover. For my knowhow its would be better if Gravitiy Corp have any funding to launch 3 servers more. One for China, European and American to cover the hole international zone. But again they might choice to settle it where there is most customers. I just want to try this game out and the system requirements are not so tough again.




  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182
    They probably will release an European RO2 server at some point. Not that I'm intrested, I'm going on the USA servers for sure, EU RO left a bad taste in my mouth, Its filled with germans who refuse to speak a word english.
  • CleffyIICleffyII Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,440

    It not only looks cute, it redefines several gameplay stuff.

    The confirmed servers thus far are, Thialand, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Russia, Philipinnes, Brazil, China, and International.  Not sure if the company who hosts euRO can afford RO2 at this point.  Also its doubtful many of its players will switch since alot like to stick to RO.


  • Well, I guess its the International server for my choice then. I hope they will speak English at least.
  • r3dbullr3dbull Member Posts: 79
    I'm waiting this game since much time... I can't wait it to be releaseeeed!!!
  • CleffyIICleffyII Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,440
    Ya its been delayed sooo long.  It was suppose to enter Open Beta in 2005.  Now its slated for end of year 2007 in Korea only.  3rd Closed Beta starts at the end of the month.  Only 2 more after that until Open Beta.  Also each Closed Beta has been rock solid so far.


  • Moon-DaddyMoon-Daddy Member UncommonPosts: 101
    I am very excited for this game, i heard rumours of Open Beta in the spring 07...but thats kinda vague
    But still excited anyway. :)

    Making so much noise you dont know when to listen.

  • darkcoud9darkcoud9 Member UncommonPosts: 126
    Originally posted by Gameloading

    They probably will release an European RO2 server at some point. Not that I'm intrested, I'm going on the USA servers for sure, EU RO left a bad taste in my mouth, Its filled with germans who refuse to speak a word english.
    that sounds exactly like the Lord of the Rings European playing the north american beta now (signed up using Hide My ip)



  • dot_boydot_boy Member Posts: 24
    Yea, they are planning on releasing it in europe sometime next year is what I heard. And, some dutch people are making some emulators for it too... Thats hopeful, because remember European RO was a private server, that got so big, and eventually joined gravity?

    Maybe the same will happen

    -I LOVE FF moogles

  • vingvegavingvega Member Posts: 577



  • AmoraaAmoraa Member Posts: 2
    It is going to have an open beta in 2007...
  • r3dbullr3dbull Member Posts: 79
    Ragnarok 2: The returns of plenty huge exp private servers and plenty botters... yeheeeeeee that's the bad image that ppl got from ragnarok if they played it a bit
  • RespyShuntRespyShunt Member Posts: 396
    Hmm sorry cant help ya there.  I must say though, just looking at screens of this game makes me sooo happy.  Not a RO fan, but i read the manga, and number 2 looks completely awesome.  Considering signing up when it comes out, too!


  • CleffyIICleffyII Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,440
    Ragnarok Online 2's english closed beta should be coming soon.  It will probably be announced around iRO's 4th anniversary.  Gravity LLC has been doing a no deal tour for RO2 in the hopes of gaining US investors.  Also the Ragnarok Brand Manager from Level Ups said it, "All I can say is that you guys will see an english CBT soon. :D"  Looks like the transition this time will be relatively short.


  • soopacowsoopacow Member Posts: 5
    Korea's final (3rd) closed beta has just finished a few weeks ago. The open beta in Korea has just started recently.

    I played in the closed beta, and felt, well, I loved it. Perhaps, if I played longer, I'd love RO2 more than I love RO. But the only downs was probably the fact that I couldn't read the language . The music, was just fantastic! And the graphics are really amazing!! (The cuteness )

    Oh well, I enjoyed it, and I'm really looking forward for it to be translated into English. I heard that the next releasing language will be traditional Chinese in Taiwan. (I am REALLY looking forward to that, since I can actually read Chinese... lol). But as for when will the English version be out, it's still a mystery... Perhaps sometime in 2008?
  • CleffyIICleffyII Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,440
    I heard before year lets out from the Marketing Manager of Level Up Game's Blog.


  • soopacowsoopacow Member Posts: 5
    Check out [=

    The forums.. if you haven't alreayd, one of the level-up staff memebres post there....

    ps. its 2am... so i cant type.. leave me alone >.<
  • My experience of RO2 open beta..(in korea)

    5 hrs to download the game..

    4 hours to log in to the game..

    after logging in, couldn't really play much at all because so many ppl were playing..  couldn't move around much.. lagged rly badly.

    server crashed down and got booted out.  couldn't log back for 2 days.

    Player forums went crazy.. ppl demanded better service..  GM's and devs ignored all comments like usual.

    People started to leave RO2 due to lack of service, huge lags, hard to get used to game interface (gotta click the right mouse button to move and double click the right mouse button to attack.) and also hard to get used to game play (when hitting a mob u have to face the right direction like WoW but it's much worse than WoW .  you attack a mob and start to notice that mob's hp isn't going down so you have to fall back and realign your char somehow and hit the mob again only using your mouse).

    i also got stuck on map areas alot..  couldn't get out or move. (GM's did nothing to remove me.  so i had to make new character)

    I don't rly wanna say Graphic was that great.  It was ok compared to other similar anime type mmo's in korea right now.   Holic Online which had its open beta test earlier has better graphic than RO2 imo. 

    typical korean grind quests (boring and you have to do so many of them to just get some money for skills, equips, etc.) and very typical grind lvling system. 

    stat pts yes.. no skill pts.  just spend money to learn skills.. 

    OB test wasn't very satisfying.. I believe RO2 will not be successful compared to other MMO's in korean market.  However, global RO2 will probably save Gravity once again..

    In Korea, people are looking forward to other online game from Gravity.  it's called Requiem Online.  It's supposed to be a hardcore horror mmo... hope this one turns out better than RO2.

  • CleffyIICleffyII Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,440
    Ya Reqiuem should be good since it was in development so so long, before Hakkkyu Kim left the company.  But I am pretty certain you will experience the same support from Gravity as you did in Open Beta of RO2.


  • soopacowsoopacow Member Posts: 5
    Granado Espada is the best... I completely agree..... xD!
  • r3dbullr3dbull Member Posts: 79

    Ragnarok 2 will not have the success that Ragnarok got... but it will surely have a huge amount of players... many people will transfer from Ragnarok to Ragnarok 2...

    Im going to check out the  Korean version today...

  • NanwairNanwair Member Posts: 3

    This has to be the Online game i want to play the most.

    i love the Ragnarok world. and i realy like the class system here being able to change the class on the character it will be soooooo cool:

    Lets work.

  • rufusangusrufusangus Member Posts: 84

    It looks like a really nice game, but its been delayed so long now that i know its already costing them potential players. I'm even starting to wonder if its going to end up going straight vapor ware, or only be release in Asia. There were quite a few fan sites for RO2 around, that provided tons of information for the game, but most of them have given up on the game now too.


    Looking at the estimated time for the KR beta, along with how long its taken them already, i can't see any solid release of this game comming out before late 2008 in NA, even longer for other areas. More over, given how long its been in the making and the open KR beta is still half a year a way, realistically id say sometime in 2009 before we actually get a retail NA version of the game.


    Its just taken too long, i don't see it doing very well here. Even if it launched retail today and was fully functional, it be really hard for it to get anywhere in the current international market; Hype and marketing play too large of roles now, and Korean developers have been notorious for spending very little on advertising. Look how many copies VG sold just on hype alone. Sleeper hit MMO's are often failures because in order for the game to really be fun, you need alot of people playing. The longer it takes them, the more the cards stack against them.

  • CleffyIICleffyII Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,440

    Its in Open Beta in Korea.


  • vingvegavingvega Member Posts: 577

    I wonder if it will be like the first one with it's bot infested servers.  I knew a guy who just found a bot on google and made over 5,000 bucks selling fake pixels on ebay.  These asian games basically promote botting, that's why i'll stay away from them.  They do not enforce any rules when it comes to botting, which is pretty bad.

  • CleffyIICleffyII Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,440

    Actually, Gravity is working on a solution to the bots.  Rescently they tried something that actually shut off bots for a week now.  They re-hashed thier game.  This entire week there have been no bots, and they have only been starting to trickle back.

    Also you have to remember that bots are typically easier to make for a point and click game because it uses coordinates.  So all you have to do is make a locater for a targeted monster and moveTo that location.  Whats gonna make it hard for RO2 is that its using full 3D.  Also its harder to make a bot for RO2 even for a 3D game because of the tasks you must take to fight a monster.  Its would be very easy to have the bot get too close and not be able to attack, since how you attack is determined by your camera angle.


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