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[email protected] FOOLS JOKE!!MMORPG.COM

xpowderxxpowderx Member UncommonPosts: 2,078
That is pretty good, had me fooled!


  • Agent_X7Agent_X7 Staff WriterMember Posts: 515

    Unfortunately, it's not a joke. Many of us are already looking for new positions elsewhere.

    Agent_X7 AKA J Star
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  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182
    Originally posted by Agent_X7

    Unfortunately, it's not a joke. Many of us are already looking for new positions elsewhere.
    and the fact it is posted on the 1st of april is total coincidence ofcourse
  • airheadairhead Member UncommonPosts: 718
    LMAO.... this was just too funny. I'm still laughing. If you had thrown in a little carebear stuffed-bear kind of logo, it would have been too much. This was perfect.
  • Elendil88Elendil88 Member Posts: 35
    Had me fooled for just a second, until I noticed the flowers, the MMORPG font, and the pink....that pink.... Good one!
  • CeohaiCeohai Member Posts: 305
    good one.
  • UmbroodUmbrood Member UncommonPosts: 1,809

    Awesome, had me fooled for a second as well, until I realised what day it was.

    Hey this pink is not all that bad, can I keep it?

    Brigther if nothing else.


    Originally posted by Jerek_

    I wonder if you honestly even believe what you type, or if you live in a made up world of facts.

  • MeonMeon Member Posts: 993

    Originally posted by Agent_X7
    Unfortunately, it's not a joke. Many of us are already looking for new positions elsewhere.

    hmm, i don't see what's wrong with all this.

    I personally love this expression of creativity and new thinking.
    A feminist viewpoint on everything in MMOs is a really cool thing and i hope they go through with this.

    .. really good april fools :)

  • tubelighttubelight Member UncommonPosts: 276
    Something that was forgotten from the public release of the handover...

    "As her first move, Laura Genender will crown Hello Kitty Online as the king...pardon me...queen of all games. Also they will be developing a new MMO called Attack of the Pink Bunnies and Cute Flowers. More news on this will follow soon."

    That would have shocked some people :P
  • we3sterwe3ster Member Posts: 355
    aaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh, my eyes! Very funny however!

    You must not leave until you free Arlos and have gathered your party safely in this hallway.

  • FischerBlackFischerBlack Member Posts: 573

    Hehe, I was completely taken in for about a miniute or so...I was thinking - female aspects of MMO's...wtf ?!?!


    Lol, nice April 1 joke :>D

  • TealaTeala Member RarePosts: 7,627

    LOL!  Don't you guys remember slashdot.com doing this very same thing last year to their web site.   Stating something about their reader base being geared to much toward males and that to appeal to females as well they would be changing their format.   It included changing the web sites color scheme to pink.   The readers made a big stink about it util everyone realized that slashdot had pulled a good April Fool's by posting on March 31st.   MMORPG.com come is pulling a slashdot.com April Fool's prank.


  • EaldormanEaldorman Member Posts: 67



    Best April 1'st - joke ever.


    If you dont understand what i write, ask a damn question instead of going into autoflaming-mode.
    And dont read in stuff between the lines, i say what i mean.

  • portallzaineportallzaine Member Posts: 70
    now this is LOOOOOOOUD lol. i dont even know or care if this is an april fools joke. the sheer brilliance of whoever thought this up.... much love. seriously... i want to stop laughing AND crying...
  • blueberblueber Member Posts: 1
    Brilliant joke
  • heimdallrheimdallr Member Posts: 61
    Some joke! Good for me that I wasn't drinking anything at the moment - my monitor would be all wet...

    imageMMOs played-> UO: AoS, L2, GW, GW: F, HO, SoF, ToP

  • It is a good joke, but seriously we do need a good Care Bear or Smurf MMO.
  • mandertonmanderton Member Posts: 14

    OMG - i thought i was going to have a heart attack.

    nice April 1st joke


    (Quick question - What's a female??)

  • soccesocce Member Posts: 11

    shit ...... it's pink I almost was thinking
    Ok on what mmorpg site shall I move to !

    O stop scaring me with it's true I do like girls but hm
    was abit overkill with the pink..

    played : daoc,enb,swg,eqII,lineageII,GW,AA,neocron,ryzom,eve, and beta testing 20 titles some: GE,Lotr,WH and more.

  • hahah  awesome i must admit i was freaking out when i first saw the announcement
  • Max_TorpsMax_Torps Member Posts: 84
    Brilliant! Nicely done.
  • GodliestGodliest Member Posts: 3,486

    Good job. Really hilarious April's Fool



  • havocthefirshavocthefirs Member Posts: 229

       Had me goin for a minute or two, but then again, I just woke up.

       Now don't ever do that again, screaming pink two minutes after you wake up just isn't condusive to good health.

  • GarrikGarrik Member UncommonPosts: 951

    It was a very good joke lol. Right now im actually using the pink format, its kinda cool you can look at every page on MMORPG.COM in pink mode. Maybe different skins could be made an option :p.

    Well played MMORPG.COM.



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    Lineage Eternal

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  • yoadyoad Member Posts: 28
    lol if it wasnt for this post i wouldn't have noticed, my forums did not turn pink, only AFTER I pressed that MMORPG adv that it all turned pink..

    anyway good joke people~ Lol, didn't fool me but still hilarious :D
  • brostynbrostyn Member Posts: 3,092
    Fooled me, too. I was looking for the official post, so I could flame away.
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