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So I Hope you Guys Remember me And...

Hey again everyone. Seem's like it's been forever since ive posted something, and well, Its my time to ask "What game would you suggest?"


My whole time I was on Hiatus from this forum, I was testing some games out and still found nothing.. Right now, if I had  to make a list, my top three games I'm anticipating are..


1) Gods and Heroes

2) Exteel

3) Tabula Rasa


If I had to chose my fav. game that I tested, it would have to be CoH/V. I love the whole game, everything about it is great. The character customation; the limited moves, so you have to attack strategically; the community; etc. The only thing is, I know that NCSoft is making Marvel Online and Exteel, so CoH is gonna go extinct real soon.


As much as it hurts me to say it, the lack of community makes me want to give up SWG. It's not cutting it anymore. Anyways, any suggestions on what to do? Should I just wait for these games to come out? Or are there any games around that you would suggest?






  • gpettgpett Member Posts: 1,105
    Unless they majorly change Exteel from closed beta, it will be fun but less of a MMO and more of a shooter with some MMO aspects.

    Since it is a localization from an asian version do not expect it to be of the AAA quality.   Its basically a Mech 3rd person shooter in a semi anime style.  Go ahead and give it a shot, it should be entering open beta any day now.

    Tabula Rasa is another MMO/shooter.  From what I understand Tabula Rasa will have a little more MMO aspect and a little higher budget than Exteel.  Based on the screenshots I have seen Tabula Rasa will probably have somewhat of an Unreal (the game) feel to it.

    I know nothing about Gods and Heros other than its a Roman themed MMO.  It probably has a production budget higher than the previous two combined.  Other than that I am clueless.

    I am looking forward to:




    Tabula Rasa


    Hellgate: London

    Cronicles of Spellbourne


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