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Cronous! It's Back!

TropheusTropheus Member UncommonPosts: 7

 Hello everyone!

Cronous is a game that originaly came out in 2004, Now it's back and anyone who played it before has come back to play it again after so long.

I love the game play in this game after lvl 15 or so it's so addicting!

Try it out if you got some spare time, You remember the old gameplay games? They weren't just focused on graphics. Although this game has zoom in and zoom out and it's full 3D it's not like WoW or something of todays games, But I still play it. And it's free!

It's going into its final Closed beta phase on April 19th, There will be a sign up around that time for new players to join.

I have started a fan site with a friend devoted to Cronous and a friendly community with a forum, We started the site recently so we are still adding stuff all the time and collecting data.

Please stop by and join us! I posted some screenshots on the forum, Feel free to ask me any question there. :)

My website: www.cronouscompendium.co.nr

Official website: www.cronous.com



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