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Take a look at mah mmo...

Oh its the only game i plaallala play. not much of a mmo but ive never seen a mmo ...taek a look at mah mmo...not much of a mmo but i never seen a mmo like.. its been a while since i played it last, and im tryin not to talk fast but dad i think i finnally found a mmo a mmo that would make you proud of your son.


And that MMO was warcraft. An if that mmo isnt great then i dont know what a mmo is. OOOOOOOOOOOO yea.


  • DicharekDicharek Member Posts: 177
    ... I hate you...
  • FoodoolawsFoodoolaws Member Posts: 212
    WHen you are as sexy as iam its inevitable to run into haters thats why i wear mah hater blockers.
  • paulscottpaulscott Member Posts: 5,613
    warcraft 3 was  a great game.  not so sure about the first one(warcraft) since I've never played.

    though RTS games really aren't MMO's, though can become one to certain people with ladders.

    I find it amazing that by 2020 first world countries will be competing to get immigrants.

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