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Hair, Ears, Tusks, Hangy Jaws, Eye brows and Helms.

retrospecticretrospectic Member UncommonPosts: 1,466
This isn't a rant about WoW, it is an opinion poll with room for discussion.  I will place my opinion after the OP and give my opinion as well.


  • TelvannasTelvannas Member Posts: 123

    I'd prefer it based on choice...

    But look at the blood elves and draenei in the armour sets page. Their hair goes THROUGH things.

  • AdamczykAdamczyk Member Posts: 17
    I think at least the hair should stick out. It looks cool if you can see the hair come out of the bottom of the helmet when you have longer hair, it just doesnt look good if you can see everything glitching through the side of the helmet.
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