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So Far

gatherisgatheris Member UncommonPosts: 1,016

CTD once - client frozen once - hmmm - not so impressed

very little lag considering the number of characters running around the noob area - settings at very high (extremely high - can't remember what it is called)

very crisp and clean graphics wise

excellent audio

controls - not sure i like all this right clicking - prefer left but can adjust

enjoyable ?  oh yeah - have gotten those wonderful chills on the ol' spine and across the scalp - big time





  • wjrasmussenwjrasmussen Member Posts: 1,493

    I haven't had any problems other than getting the account created to start with. Had to use FF and not IE.

    I will give the game thumbs up, but it is just an ok game. played for a couple hours and made 6th level as a burgler and it's kind of meh.  LIkely to stick with my return to coh/cov.

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