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Puzzle Pirates: Game Review

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

Staff Writer Donna Desborough takes a look at the well known puzzle game, Puzzle Pirates.

How can you go wrong with pirates and puzzles? Well, you can't actually. Puzzle Pirates immerses you into a world of high adventure and carousing, all the while being light hearted and fun.

The client for playing Puzzle Pirates will probably be the easiest you'll ever download for any MMO. The installer is less than 500KB in size and the updates aren't a lot with the current version of the installer. It took me less than an hour to go from download to playing, including time to set up my account and patch the client.

The audio is very minimal throughout the game. This is a shame in some ways, such as when you're out on a boat, it would be nice to have the sounds of the sea quietly in the background or when in a crowded market, to have gentle sounds of people talking in the background. These kind of ambient sounds are mission though, and so the world is very quiet. On the up side though, you don't have a lot of distracting ambient sounds always running.

Read the whole review here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182
    Graphics are clearly better then those of the Burning Crusade.
  • SabersworderSabersworder Member UncommonPosts: 12
    its a very unique game, its quite fun though very addicting! I played it for about  8 months to a year
  • Aison2Aison2 Member CommonPosts: 624
    i just love the game

    its perfect for a small gaming session of like 20-30minif  youre bored

    from other stuff

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  • kjm2006kjm2006 Member Posts: 90

    "Captain, Fleet Officers, Officers, Pirates, Cabin Persons, and Jobbing Pirates"

    You missed out Senior officers

    As for the game, played it for over a year and really enjoyed it, only stopped because I'm more into Pirates of the Buring sea now, great MMO good to just and have fun, the Economy is actually really good as everything and I mean everything is made by the players! (apart from the raw stuff e.g. wood) Great community on that MMO on and one of the best I have seen seen for an MMO, if I was to recommed a sever I would say Viridian as it's free and the oldest free one. 

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  • CiredricCiredric Member Posts: 723
    Cute game, but I did not find it held my attention very long.  I do not think many people play it for long.
  • BearinaBearina Member Posts: 1
    An extremely good game, very addictive, fun graphics, fun gameplay, close nit community and if I haven't mentioned it before, very very very, addictive...
  • ShyneyShyney Member Posts: 1

    I've played YPP for over two years and do not understand how you can call it just a "Casual, not serious" MMORPG.  I could give many examples of this and think that just taking a look around on the docks of any random island is not an accurate description of the game.  There are many, many things that weren't covered in the review  such as Flags, Flotillas, Blockades, Atlantis just to name a few.  I thought the review was fairly accurate however clearly not detailed.

  • bluhoteyesbluhoteyes Member UncommonPosts: 32

    Thank you for postin this game review .  I am enjoying it  and yes very addictive:) 

  • StriderrsStriderrs Member Posts: 1

    Mind the bump;


    This game is absolutely amazing. The simplicity of  the graphics, yet the complexity involved with the inner workings of the game work extremely well together. The game has an economy within itself that I have never seen pulled off before in another game. ALL ITEMS are produced by other players through shoppes and stalls. You can own a shoppe or stall, and sell products to other pirates.

    The amount of things you can do in this game is astounding. I personally have been playing for nearly four years, and have not even experienced everything there is to do. Here is a short list of the things you're able to do on Puzzle Pirates by playing on a doubloon ocean (server).

    • Pillaging - This was, and most likely always will be the core of the game. You load up your ship with your friends and other people, set sail, and attack brigand vessels! If you're the captain of the vessel, you control the ship on a grid-like battle screen in a time based turn by turn battle system. You make Pieces of Eight (Abbreviated poe), and can then spend the poe on other items.
    • Atlantis - Load up your War Frigate! (Large vessel that can hold up to 75 players) You're going to sink Sea Monsters! Navigate your vessel through dangerous waters, to kill off the enemy Sea Creatures, and earn PoE, along with shiny atlantean-themed items! Atlantis is highly profitable for a good battle-naver (person who navigates the vessel). Be careful though! If you sink, you lose your vessel (along with all the booty!) forever!
    • Flotilla - Flotilla is an exciting Player vs Computer battle board, where your goal is to sink the enemy vessels you face off against.
    • Shop-Keeping - Even want to open your own business?! Well now you can! As a shop-keeper, you can choose between 8 different types of stores to open, wether it be a tailoring shop, to a ship-building shop! Charge the rates you want, and supply the labor yourself to maximize profits!
    • Blockade an island! - One of the most fun, and most challenging parts of the game. It takes quite a long while to get to the point of where you're directly involved with running a blockade, but it is considered by many the best part of the game.
    • Play parlor games - Texas Hold'em, Hearts, Spades, Treasure Drop, and Drinking! All fun games, and they can all be quite profitable ;).
    • There is much much more to do then what I've listed here! Start playing to find out!

    Out of 10 stars, I would give this game 11. It's not about grinding away for hours and clicking the same spot over and over.  It involves thinking, and the more logical you are, the better you'll be. Be warned though, that out of all of the activities above, you won't be able to run them yourself for quite a while. You'll have to start out as a lowly jobber for somebody else, until you've learned the games mechanics a bit better. The faster you learn the game, the sooner you get to be in-charge and run the show!

    Warning: Extremely addicting! Many people end up spending 10+ hours a day, everyday playing this game!


  • RelytDnegelRelytDnegel Member UncommonPosts: 261

    This game really is one of a kind. I played for 4 years and would never have given it up if I hadn't of been banned, stupid missunderstanding with a severe lack of communication from the support staff. Don't let the childish name put you off, this is the only game I have ever played that is all skill. Played 5 years played 1 day doesn't matter anyone can beet anyone. Stats can go up and down depending how well you perform ;) give it a try!

    - look me up one day Godslayer on the Hunter Ocean

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