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Has anyone played the WoW TCG yet?

zethcarnzethcarn Member UncommonPosts: 1,558

Ok I got bored with the MMO awhile back but being a previous player of Magic the Gathering I'ved decided to give this a shot.

Based on what I've read (and what few cards I have)  it looks to be a lot better than Magic,  game mechanics wise.


  • mokiersteadmokierstead Member Posts: 9
    yeah i played it and had lots of fun, but its almost impossibel to beat the ony raid deck, the shaman only heals it self  and his cards althought the party of a group of 4 to 6, umm i got a turtle mount in a box, its fun but ist also hard to get a great deck i baught 6 boxes to make my war deck wich had soak of 12 by 5th turn was a great deck
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