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Lineage: Episode 5 Release Details

Lineage updates the game with Episode 5. The latest addition to the long running MMORPG. Read some of the details below on how players can experience the new content.

NCsoft® today announced the release of Episode 5, Temple of Shadows, the latest free content update to its North American Lineage® service. The release is the latest for the original Lineage game, now nearly a decade old, which continues its leadership position in the online computer games space with a worldwide customer reach of more than 50-million people.

In Temple of Shadows, players will see nearly 450 megabytes of new content including a first look at the Dark Elf controlled, Lastabad corridor. The Lastabad, a complex, maze-like dungeon, will provide a formidable test for all players who must resolve its puzzling turns and time-locked doors while fighting hordes of Dark Elves. Failure to navigate the maze in the allotted time teleports the player back to square one to begin again.

Other maps include the self-titled Temple of Shadows where Karma, a new type of gameplay will be introduced. Earning Karma gets players to higher levels of the Temple and unlocks more quests and craftable items.

Want to make a Lineage fashion statement. The earring is a new wearable introduced in Temple of Shadows. It can be secured by players who participate in a three-week event that will kick off the Lineage, Episode 5 launch. The best earrings can be earned by those who take part in the entire event. And having one will open up new doors in the areas of character customization and stat building.

Additional features introduced in Temple of Shadows include new morphs and skills and new monsters to summon during combat including the Lava Golem, Dire Bear and Cockatrice.

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