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Eudemons Online: Double Experience Days Ahead

Eudemons Online offers double experience weekend for three days. Grab some pizza, a two liter soda, and prepare to level up!

To reward our valuable players, we have decided to hold three days` double experience event this weekend.

During the event period, you will be in double experience status whenever you are online. That is, nothing is required for enjoying double experience. The only requirement is to kill the monsters as many as you can. Thus both your characters and eudemons will be leveled up very quickly.

Here is a tip for you to bring this effect into full play. Use double experience potions or GodBlessing to effect 400% experience. If you are a team leader, all your team members can share the same effect as you.

So amazing? Bring your family and friends to Eudemons Online! Let all of us enjoy three days` double experience.

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