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EverQuest II: Game Update 33

EverQuest II announces Game Update 33. Seems like players have a dungeon makeover, April Fool's Day, and Chapter 2 of the Swords of Destiny to look forward too.

Dungeon Revamp, Deathfist Citadel

Designed for level 38-42 adventurers, this base of operations for the evil Deathfist Orcs gets a springtime facelift, with new quests, completely new population (including named and boss NPC's), improved quest rewards and recipes for the new and much-coveted Blood Iron armor.

April Fool's Day (aka Bristlebane Day)

There's a special gag in store for players on April 1st.... Can't tell you what it is and spoil the joke...

Swords of Destiny -Knights in the Round

The Acadechism is the starting point for chapter 2 of this new quest line (level range 64-69). Players will brave the mysteries and dangers of the Acadechism, the Tower of Vhalen and the Ruins of Valmarr to unearth the secret of the enchanted blade Soulfire,.

New Butcherblock Quests and A New Profession Hat

For the level 25-35 crowd, several new quests have been added to Butcherblock Mountains, complete with new rewards and loot.

A new profession hat has also been added for the Conjuror.

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