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Rifts style MMO

NewsoundNewsound Member Posts: 10
To me a MMO based of the Rifts storyline could be amazing. The stories are there. The factions and species are all there.  All the major content is already developed. I know that Fallen Earth is kind of in the same story arc but dose not seem to be as broad and as in depth as the paper pencil dice game  like Rifts.

Basicly I was wondering if there have ever been plans to develope a Rifts style MMO and if others would be interested in playing a game like that.? For me if done right it could be amazing.


  • SavageSageSavageSage Member UncommonPosts: 66
    Palladium/ Rifts would rock as a MMORPG, one of my top 3 I would like to see made, along w/ the Heroes(Champions) system and the StoryBook Line (Mage the Assention, Vampire the Masquarade, Warewolf the appocolypse, etc.).  These would revitalize the MMORPG industry I think and would raise the bar very high.
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