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Starting SB. What server should a EU player chose in order to participate in sieges/mining in "reaso

odysseas70odysseas70 Member Posts: 103

Hello all,

I'm thinking about starting Shadowbane (while waiting for Darkfall or War).

As I see this game has sieges (shorta like Lineage I would assume) which server to chose so that sieges takes place in reasonable times for European players? I'd hate to join a server, spend my time there and see that most sieges take place at 6.00 am my time.

Also, along with your suggestion, kindly state if that server is quite populated or not. I'd hate to play in an empty world or a world which is pretty much standard without many sieges/etc taking place.

Thanks in advance.


PS: Yep, I made a search about the servers but I haven't found a thread to answer well my above questions :)


  • lauxeslauxes Member Posts: 88
    i think vindication or maybe wrath servers
  • odysseas70odysseas70 Member Posts: 103

    I've roamed a bit the forums to read about the current politics so I could maybe judge about the servers a little and I saw wrath is pretty much "idle". I think some alliance/zerg pretty much gots a hold of everything and not much can be done. Don't wanna start in a dead server, meaning, a server can be dead not regarding its population but its warfare/politics/pvp.

    But as per your Vindi suggestion, yes, I'm in between Mourning and Vindi. I just don't know which is better for a Euro player regarding siege times. I don't wanna end up having to play sieges at 5.00 am my time, as I said in my initial post. :(


  • MarkuMarku Member Posts: 452
    hi guys, im EU too, lemme know which server u goto.


  • TrenialTrenial Member UncommonPosts: 6

    Ok guys, Im here to rescue you from your Shadowbane nightmares.


    Seiges are called Banes and are disputed between 2 or more Guilds.

    There is no specific time, but that which is declared by your Guild Leader, really an Attacking Guild can spawn a bane before your city, and have the bane set to a specific time in which your Guild must be present to defend the city, but persay for some odd reason you dont check that bane for the time set, you and your Guild could all login to find your capital gone.

    EU players, this is mainly an American played game, so most banes will run PST through EST. Be within those times to participate in the most content set forth by your Guild.

    Also remember, your guild will become everything to you, the way of life, the bane, friends, groups, loots, grinding ect. Without them you will live a horrible sad life.

    All servers are almost exactly the same, some offer a faster XP gain and some offer a Faster Gold Gain.

    1 Server that is special is Vindication, this server is Loreplay, which means ie:

    Odysseas70 is a Irekie Nightstalker, he can only join guilds of his own faction or class(if that class falls within the faction limits)to which he is.

    A Human Templar cannot join a High Court Guild based Charter(All Elves only), rather would need to join a Temple Guild based Charter. ect ect ect.

    This game is a high action PvP Game, almost 90% of your game experience will be on a battleifled, either chasing your prey or being hunted by someone else.


    If you guys have anymore Shadowbane question, just send me a PM. And ill help you out.

  • ShazzelShazzel Member Posts: 472
    Originally posted by Trenial

    This game is a high action PvP Game, almost 90% of your game experience will be on a battleifled, either chasing your prey or being hunted by someone else.

    Not true most of your time will be spent

    1) leveling - if you play long enough you'll soon find yourself with dozens of characters.

    2) farming - High end gear is very pricey and rare. As are certain runes.

    3) geting runes - You might run into some pvp here,usually not if its off peak and your carefull with tracking.

    4) PVP - off peak hours you can forget about it.

    ID say shadowbane is 60% PVE, 20% roaming for fights, 15% pvp, 5% banes.

    Its possible to play shadowbane and never pvp at all if your carefull to avoid non-guildies on track and are fast like a cent or scout.
  • frosty360frosty360 Member Posts: 8
    A friend and I just joined on the server Redemption, and we're both from the EU.
  • ShazzelShazzel Member Posts: 472
    Not a good server, stick with mourning,vindi or wrath.
  • frosty360frosty360 Member Posts: 8
    Why is that? I've tried looking through the Shadowbane forums but as a new player theirs alot of acronyms.
  • danmccooeydanmccooey Member Posts: 30

    Redemption's "Windows of Opportunity" are geared toward EU and Pac Rim players and their respective time zones.  BUT, the population is pretty low.  I think you'll have more fun playing on a heavily populated server... no matter what times the mines are open to attack.  Mourning is really your best bet- you'll find more pvp and stuff to do even on American off-times than on Redemption peek player times.  Seriously, don't consider Redemption.  There are plenty of Euros playing on Mourning.

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