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skalesskales Member Posts: 1

Does GW have some sort of interface?




  • GnarledGnarled Member Posts: 566
    Every mmorpg must have an interface.

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  • ObiyerObiyer Member Posts: 511

    Yeah Gnarled is right, and probably the NDA is keeping the alpha testers from posting a screenshot with the GUI placed in it. I wonder if it will glow like the rest of the in game graphics. Well, thnakfully E3 is right around the corner. ::::39::

  • TrOnTrOn Member Posts: 15

    The interface is changing as we speak. There are some old screenshots of the interface in some of the interviews from the last E3. Go look :).

  • ObiyerObiyer Member Posts: 511


    Look what I found. Lol, I wonder if thats what it looks like now. According to Photics (Photics.com), the game changes regularly. As expected as it is in alpha.

  • GhostRaptorGhostRaptor Member Posts: 35

    The interface during E3 2003 won't look like that... Though the general layout may be similar.

  • simsloshsimslosh Member Posts: 30
    I've always wondered how we will chat with people in Guild Wars and if there will be some sort of chat box. But just like the other guys said, it's changing as we speak.We'll just have to wait and see.

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