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for people who hate the graphics...



  • AkaJetsonAkaJetson Member Posts: 1,167
    Originally posted by Shousenga

    Y'all are always saying how the Runescape graphics are terrible and all that, and when you first saw the graphics you automaticly 'assumed' the the game was very bad without even giving it a chance! Well let me tell you something

    1. Runescape is an awesome and fun game for all ages to enjoy  >I wouldn't bet on seeing a 80 year old on this game.< You'd be suprised

    2. It's made out of JAVA!!!!!!! The graphics are as good as they can get.  >Then perhaps they should stop counting the money they make and get a program that can actually make good grahpics like Cinema 4D or Crytec.< They cant just "get" a programme", that would take months and be pointless and btw Jagex stands for Java Gaming Experts so they would have to change there company name as well.

    3. Jagex is slowly updating the graphics anyway  >It only took them 2 years to make a Dragon look more Ugly.< Thats just utterly stuid and unnecessary.

    4. The game was made so EVERYONE could play it, if the graphics got too good, people with bad computers wouldn't be able to play anymore.
    5. If the graphics got better, the price would go WAY up, which means alot of people wouldn't want to play anymore. >The prices would go up by about 5 dollars, 10 at the most. I wouldn't mind paying for it. unless you live in a trailer park with a laptop, I don't think it's a problem< Im sure YOU wouldnt mind paying for it but a lot more mature people will see its too much just for a game.

    6. There would definately be tons of lag if the graphic were updated.  >You don't know what you're fucking talking about, If they had a decent Graphic/Programming/Bandwidth Engine, it wouldn't fucking matter!

    7. The current graphics aren't even THAT BAD!!!!!!!  >Hey bud... go take a look at the more recent games.<

    So stop whining about the graphics!!!! The game would actually be MUCH WORSE if the graphics were as good as WOW  >I wouldn't want them to be cartoony like WoW, either way it's better than RS graphics...<


  • Mr.GrinchMr.Grinch Member Posts: 10
    Runescape is crap.

    Not great.

    End of story.



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