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best free mmorpg



  • TeamilkTeamilk Member Posts: 1
    Originally posted by flood950

    I would have to say Rappelz as well.

    yes , Rappelz is good. i like it very much as well. and will play for a long time  which i couldn't forecast

  • ChainmailChainmail Member Posts: 173


    Perfect World

    Dream of Mirror Online (anime)

    Sword of the New World (aka Granado Espada)

    Out of all the free games I played in the past couple of years waiting for the next good P2P, these are the best imo. Mind you they still don't stack up against a good P2P. I'm so glad AOC is finally here though!

  • MondaymoonMondaymoon Member Posts: 1

    are they interestiong..- i'm boring with games..the same...anyone could provide a special game?  too boring...

  • pandolinopandolino Member Posts: 39

    I prefer NeOsteam nice game play and game features ^_^ try it guys


  • jinxitjinxit Member UncommonPosts: 854

    Played most F2P games and found them to be pretty much the same but currently waiting on Secret online, it looks very interesting

  • traquenatraquena Member Posts: 298

    If none MMO RPG that would be FF if you wanted a MMO put Neosteam at your list! check it out why!

  • babyburnikbabyburnik Member Posts: 44

    i'd say atlantica online.. coming very soon in open beta this sept 24! yeah!! let's all start this one guys!

  • repapipsrepapips Member Posts: 450

    Atlantica Online!!! number one!!!


  • repapipsrepapips Member Posts: 450

    I tried Atlantica Online and its quite good!!! a turn based mmorpg..


  • nywlanasnywlanas Member Posts: 334

    i just tried atlantica online!! it really is good. their software can be downloaded for free plus there are no prepaid cards needed to play it. :)

  • MotoracerMotoracer Member Posts: 8

    Try Rappelz

  • yamakasis300yamakasis300 Member Posts: 1

    I think cabal online is really good game, It's the past time and future combine, u use sword, shield,... but when u high lvl u can use bike(future motocyle) and with skill u can use gun,.... I love to play that game.

  • mmorpgamer06mmorpgamer06 Member Posts: 4

    wow is the best one in this world i think

  • liamkincaidliamkincaid Member UncommonPosts: 27

    Runes of Magic is a probably candidate to the best free MMORPG

  • dadevilzcrydadevilzcry Member Posts: 2

    I'll go with voyage century or atlantica. Very different games, but they're both just as fun!

  • BasucBasuc Member Posts: 4

    Wurm Online

    Great free game, in which you have to survive, along with other players :)

    Every structures, roads, mines and stuff is player-made :)


  • karampotkarampot Member Posts: 8

    I enjoy playing Atlantica for it's great system and community.

  • themanagerthemanager Member Posts: 6

    Cabal for me.

  • marionboymarionboy Member Posts: 5

    Cabal and Audition!!!

  • frankyclamfrankyclam Member Posts: 5

    Atlantica is my bet on this one. Unique battle mode, nice crafting system and the items on cash shop are not that expensive.

  • VPgearchinVPgearchin Member Posts: 168

    runes of magic


  • SlappanSlappan Member Posts: 289

    for me, it's atlantica online!! not crap. very entertaining.. it's elements (environment, graphics, pvp, pve, crafting, basically everything!) are sure to get you hooked.. and the ndoors team also offers to buy your character at level 50 when you come to hate the game.. so you have nothing to lose just trying it right?

  • xKrNMBoYxxKrNMBoYx Member Posts: 165

    atlantica online and runes of magic..both games i want to play

  • Calintz333Calintz333 Member UncommonPosts: 1,193

    You're asking for the best peace of crap on the web. Honestly if you want the best F2P mmorpg your looking at ether


    Perfect world international

    Runes of magic

    Atlantica online


    That's really it, and Perfect world is very Cash shop dependent, so unless you are willing to spend 30-50 bucks a month on this "free" 2 play game, you will probably need to farm for week every week you want to level.


  • DegolepDegolep Member Posts: 4

    rose online

    perfect world

    my 2 favourite f2p mmorpg's

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