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best free mmorpg

loeploep Member Posts: 2
been playing last chaos lately having been tired of eq2, wow, vanguard just wondering what other free mmorpgs you wonder peeps would recommend playing


  • Try Rappelz

  • FlabshabFlabshab Member Posts: 26
    try Maplestory if you like playing in 2d


  • chillikingchilliking Member UncommonPosts: 240
    Try Tantra.. There is a 10x XP event now !!! super fast lvling!
  • maggotANUBISmaggotANUBIS Member Posts: 76
    I can't really tell you a game without knowing what you look for in a game...

    But i would maybe suggest something like A3 or Flyff or Scions of fate... but i only like those games for the arching capabilities.
  • sweetjimsweetjim Member Posts: 7

    try legend of ares....this is not the best but ..u can like it

    u can also try knight online(if u like legend of ares)

    or Flyff

    and for another style: u can try Rakion

    and if u like playing 2d u can try Maple Story

  • EarthwormjimEarthwormjim Member Posts: 23

    you can check muonline and with your destiny..



  • VadenVaden Member UncommonPosts: 145
    Lets see if i can name off my "top 5"

    5. ArchLord

    4. Rappelz

    3. SilkRoad

    2. 9Dragons

    1. Hero's Online


    MMO-Golf: Albatross18 extremly fun

    MMO-Baseball: UBO (Ultimate Baseball Online)

    MMO-Dancing: DANCE! Online

    I'm trying Flyff now.. its ok. only Lv9 atm so _shrugs_

    I heard its ok but lacking content but they are working on adding more, or so i've read

    Hope this helps

    check sites like for more if i wrote the addresses right

    Games I've Played: SilkRoad, Flyff, NeoCron, PlanetSide, Rapplez, UpshiftRacer, Drift City, TB, Kwonho, ArchLord, AoA, Exteel, WolfTeam, Shaiyan, WoKF, FFXIV, STO, KoTR, ESO, Defiance, Mabinogi

    Games I'm Playing: Warframe/STO

    Games I'm Pondering: The Secret World

  • transparent7transparent7 Member Posts: 31
    yes i agree with you maggot.  Scions of Fate is the best free MMORPG i think.  I love to meditate in that game XD

    hee ma brudda!

  • ivam24ivam24 Member Posts: 39

    there's a lot of good MMORPG for free.. some can win real prize..

  • KujoxKujox Member UncommonPosts: 44
    RYL Unforgiven Wars is truley a amazing hack n slash MMO.


  • JotusJotus Member Posts: 9
    I'd say Rappelz.

    (The brand-new soul whom slept his thoughts inside.)

  • flood950flood950 Member Posts: 447
    I would have to say Rappelz as well.
  • weedendweedend Member Posts: 3

    yeah try rappelz..its a good one..

    and i am currently playing WYDGlobal as of this time coz they're in closed beta..maybe if i like this game then i will go for it.


  • jlrcjlrc Member Posts: 1
    Rappelz is good
  • rawrthnessrawrthness Member Posts: 3
    how can you people play rappelz..... its the worst mmo i've ever played
  • societysociety Member Posts: 32
    RYL2 is good, a bit of a grindfest and some bugs...but cant beat the interaction!!

    Playing: EVE, WAR, Cybernations lol

  • demonicdemondemonicdemon Member Posts: 150
    anarchy online if u play classic

    take what you can but not what isn't yours. "fight to the end and never give your enemy the satisfaction of victory"

  • Epyon851Epyon851 Member Posts: 6
    Not to bash on the game but i have played better. Don't get me wrong its a fun game but i just don't feel the vibe from it.
  • GodliestGodliest Member Posts: 3,486

    Originally posted by transparent7
    yes i agree with you maggot.  Scions of Fate is the best free MMORPG i think.  I love to meditate in that game XD

    Meditating in 9Dragons is much funnier. I liked those flower power girls who flew upside down when meditating. In Scions of Fate you just sit, atleast in the start...



  • fadiusfadius Member Posts: 12

    The game I really like is Voyage Century Online. This is a totally open ended game and you gain exp for skills according to what you are doing. Say you do a trade run, those skill sappropiate to that are given exp towards it's next level. Same as making a planting crops from seeds, your planting skill goes up. You can then harcest your crop and make clothe, potions, or many other things depending on the crop and your level.


    You can fight with different weapons which provides exp in that given weapon type. You can explore the world and make discoveries which helps different skills yet.

    I have also played FLYFF and really like it. It is a fun game as well.

  • FranvonKFranvonK Member Posts: 18

    im alsop looking for

  • BBlackfordBBlackford Member Posts: 24

    Ugh, I don't support any of those anime-styled Koren MMO's, like the ones IGG releases left and right.

    However, my friends and I take a break from from WoW and EQ2 every once in a while to check out what's new in Tibia.  I know a lot of people bash the game for its excruciating difficulty (and other problems, which may or may not be bad - depending on how you view it) but Tibia was the first MMO I played and it'll always remain dear to me.

    Oh, and it's free..

    - Ding im bot! -

  • foreweerforeweer Member Posts: 31

    Try rappelz

  • keNg_eLLykeNg_eLLy Member Posts: 33

    wow..there's a lot of free games here........can someone tell me what is the better game and why??

  • betatrybetatry Member Posts: 28

    try grando espada it have it issues but it aint wow ripoff and is not like all korean mmorpgs when you have warrior mage ranger elf human orc now go there and grind


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