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i need a now mmorpg game

ronald13412ronald13412 Member Posts: 15
i need to now mmorpg game that u dont need to download bcs my friedn is begging me for a new one


  • SavageSageSavageSage Member UncommonPosts: 66
    Fallen Sword is a Browser based game that does not need to be downloaded and can be played anywhere that has net access.
  • GzSx93GzSx93 Member Posts: 43
    no comment.....


    Games played:

    WOW: 70 mage,60 mage, 61 shammy, 65 warrior

    COX: lvl 35 scrapper lvl 20 MM

    Guildwars: 20 w/m

    LOTRO BETA: lvl 32 Dwarf guardian/ 15 hunter

    Currently playing: Battlefield 2142

    Waiting on WAR/AOC


  • keihirokeihiro Member Posts: 9

    Playing a game that requires no download is worthless.  You get nothing out of it at all, nothing to look forward to, no updates, nothing.  Just boring same run of the mill boring non-downloaded game.

    But, I suppose if you want a game you don't have to download then check out this: http://www.maidmarian.com/Sherwood.htm


    P.S. I am currently playing WoW 70 Druid, 56 Shaman.  I am waiting on WAR though, can't wait for that MMO :)

    P.S.S. If you want a good downloaded game, Rapplez Epic 3 is pretty cool.

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