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The most anticipated mmorpg in 2007

Batak_KillerBatak_Killer Member UncommonPosts: 385



  • malen99malen99 Member Posts: 12
    It is also an interesting game.  I like it a lot!
  • BelinikBelinik Member Posts: 6
    let me add  more hahahahah , most anticipated 1900 mmpog  , yes i really mean it , 1900 not 2007
  • ASmith84ASmith84 Member Posts: 979
    what the hell is this game?  i never heard of it.  you need to get your facts straight.  obviously age of conan has the most hype. 
  • IsometrixIsometrix Member UncommonPosts: 256
    This game puts the anti in anticipated!
  • flakesflakes Member Posts: 575
    Yeah i can't wait till open beta....
  • IsometrixIsometrix Member UncommonPosts: 256
    Originally posted by ASmith84

    what the hell is this game?  i never heard of it.  you need to get your facts straight.  obviously age of conan has the most hype. 


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  • whitedelightwhitedelight Member Posts: 1,544
    AoC and WAR do at the moment. This game is the american version of The Pirate King or some shit. I played it for a week with the key and it sucked.


  • jrstanljrstanl Member Posts: 10
    I was just coming into this forum to post this exact thread.  You cant just make yourself something just by saying its true.  Everyone should send a strongly worded letter to this company about that ad.
  • WisebutCruelWisebutCruel Member Posts: 1,089
    Originally posted by jrstanl

    I was just coming into this forum to post this exact thread.  You cant just make yourself something just by saying its true.  Everyone should send a strongly worded letter to this company about that ad.
    Personally, I would have made them edit out that obviously erroneous and fraudulant statement from their ad before I accepted it for posting. The only people who would have considered this game the "most anticipated" would have been people held hostage, but promised freedom when the game launched. And even then, it would have been a tough call.
  • SnowySilenceSnowySilence Member Posts: 11

    Oh, good grief people.  If you guys have a problem with their ad, stop complaining about it here.  They have a website, write them.    Seriously, I thought this forum was to discuss Tales of Pirates. The good and the bad, but I keep reading nothing that resembles actual DISCUSSION.   Why not talk about their battle system, their graphics, their quests?  Have any of you played the game yet?

    It's an ad.  Get over it.

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  • pinkehpinkeh Member Posts: 5

    General - Most anticipated game of 2007? What a joke. There are far better games on the market, and given the technologies we have now - PKO / TOP is fairly ancient.

    If you are looking to spend some money / time on games - look for something else. This game doesn’t offer anything except a big grind fest.

    It takes too long to get to the interesting aspects of the game (pretty skills / PVP / Actual need for partying). When you aren’t grinding levels or PVPing, you are collecting crap to sell and milking the game for all its worth (via sea commerce). Most cash cows are probably selling rum (or botting). Botting is fairly rampant though the developers are probably not going to admit that.

    Note (others have mentioned): This is just PKO (

    ) licensed for America by a different publisher. The game is the same.

    Latency: I play from Australia (connecting to the Indonesian server), pings between 200-300ms. If you are local, it is probably around 80-100ms.

    Graphics 3/10 - its just 2D cartoons... they are not all that cute anyway. Character selection is boring.  There are better mmog's out there if you are looking for something that looks fantastic whilst you play.

    Controls 4/10 - Like most games, you'll be spamming your function keys (for your skills). Apart from opening your inventory every once in a while to check whether you've collected any of your quest items properly, you are probably spamming CTRL+A to auto loot drops. After tapping that macro a few thousand times you'll probably be sick of it. There isn’t much variety apart from that.

    AI Path finding: Monsters are pretty stupid. If you run behind a rock or tree, it'll try to walk over it (only to be pushed back by the obstacle). So those who've macro'd the mage's firewall in Ragnarok Online will find this exploit rather useful. It basically means if you know how to macro properly - you could level off monsters 5-10 levels higher than your base level and never get hit by the monsters.

    Communication 4/10 - world chat seems to be limited to one message every minute or two... on PKO this means that if someone asks a question and you cant answer it within 50-100 characters, don’t bother because you'll just get a "DONT SPAM" system message. The only efficient way to communicate to your friends (though less often public party members) is with 3rd party voice chat.

    Sound 3/10 - you'll hear the same BGM for hours of grinding. The only time you'll hear different BGM is when you enter a town or a battle-area. Otherwise it'll be replayed over and over. Mind you the quality of the BGM isn’t too bad - that is for those that have experienced hours of leveling on the same map in other games like Ragnarok Online; but again the variety isn’t too much and you are better off muting the game and listening to your own music.

    Quests / storyline: There is a storyline? For all I know you are sent from one NPC to another... fetching, or collecting crap... or finding a NPC in another part of town.... the only incentive you have for doing the storyline quest is that you need life skill points for skills such as wood cutting, mining, sea commerce or salvaging. Otherwise there is no real significance in doing the story line quest. It’s a big waste of time. You are far better off grinding your way to level 130200294 than doing the quests.

    Again, most of the side quests are pretty dumb. You fetch a parcel for some NPC and he rewards you with gold and experience. The only problem here is that the time it may have taken you to do the quests - you could have probably spent it leveling (for more XP) or trading in commerce for gold. ie: You'll find better ways to play the game - and ignore the side quests completely. They are beneficial in the early levels of the game, but they serve more as a distraction than anything else.

    Occasionally you'll get a rather nice bonus for every 5-10 missions you do for your class NPC quest - some equipment which are slightly more powerful than stock parts from the black smith (and sea commerce to lower tax rate), but you are probably better off collecting drops from the monsters you grind from, or actually purchase superior equipment from other players.

    Partying - The first 50 levels you'll probably never ever find the need to party if you are grinding in the right places. It takes some trial and error to find the right spawns.... The only reason I found the need to party is boss hunts or dungeon crawls. After 50+, you are pretty much partying constantly since you're not going to survive on your own. One other reason not to party early is that you don’t gain more XP by fighting with a party. There are only so many monster spawns at each location - and the XP Is shared between your party members. You'll be standing around a lot waiting for monsters to spawn in the first 50 levels (where monsters die within 2-10 seconds, and respawn every 30-90 seconds). You can estimate the time you need for each level you grind with fairly basic algorithms in an Excel sheet.

    Classes - I feel some classes are overpowered but that would be up to each person's interpretation of the game. The top players on PKO are mostly Crusaders - probably because the game is so easy to bot - and Crusaders are easily the best class for such activity. The game really reminds me of Ultima Online and AFK farming / macroing. Surely nobody can forget the golden days of UO Macros!

    Skills - Some of the class skills are pretty fantastic to watch - but it definitely takes too long to see those skills on your own character. You'll be very limited to what you can do with your mana until much higher levels (or secondary class change). You are most likely going to be planning your skills from the start - and you don’t want to spend skill points on things you aren’t going to use (unless it is required).

    One example here is on the hunter class - you change to guns as a sharpshooter so you no longer need your bow skills, most importantly the gun skills and damage are a hell lot better than your bow. So you waste about 10-20 skill points on bow requirements to get gun skills. Pretty stupid game design.

    GvG / PVP -  The only common hint for all classes: balance your main attributes with health points. Not much point fighting GVG/PVP if you die in one hit.

    * Melee - The only suggestion I have is play a melee class that has a high DoT potential, and have a heck of a lot of health points to stay alive.  

    * Magic - If you play spell casting classes, you are mostly going to be doing supporting work - so make sure you can deal spike damage / AOE where you are most effective. Again pump health points.

    * Ranged - Your skills determine your role - which is mainly shutdowns and spike damage. You still need health points to survive.   

  • jaymanxjaymanx Member Posts: 28
    Um HAHA never herd of it and who anticipated it i know i dident
  • twaynetwayne Member Posts: 49
    you haven't read it correctly.. ahem..   NOW it says..

    most anticipated NAUTICAL mmorpg..  

    good save IGG..  good save.
  • TinyBubblesTinyBubbles Member Posts: 4
    Most anticipated? I was sorely disappointed by this game. Hasn't nearly lived up to the expectations of pirates

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