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Annoying top-down view

This game looks utterly cute and lovely and maybe I would have played it for a while.

But the forced top-down view is really annoying, it is like playing through a keyhole.

I was so disappointed that I deinstalled after one hour.


  • LukainLukain Member UncommonPosts: 591
    you can zone in alto using your mouse wheel , but yes  the view is annoying , I wish it had a first person view or a better chase camera..
  • malen99malen99 Member Posts: 12
    you can change it to the full screen in the system setting.
  • WisebutCruelWisebutCruel Member Posts: 1,089

    Originally posted by malen99
    you can change it to the full screen in the system setting.

    And that changes the top down view, how?

  • MogruneMogrune Member Posts: 9
    The view is annoying, but it reminds me of Diablo. A much brighter and happier version of Diablo which in turn takes some of the fun out of it. This game is fun, and after a bit, the camera angle annoyance goes away. But yes, the camera angle is extremely annoying.
  • kof2003kof2003 Member Posts: 128

    pro and cons


    1.fun gaming

    2.nice graphic


    1.top down view camera angle.

    2.full of bugs that can be fix.


  • MogruneMogrune Member Posts: 9
  • professerprofesser Member Posts: 102
    The top down view isnt really that bad once you play it for a bit. I was never bothered by it in the first place.
  • MoontalonMoontalon Member Posts: 1

    I agree, the top down view is really annoying, but not as annoying as the boards having no real information, and no search feature if you are...

    I've spent the last 20 minutes looking for a build guide for explorers, still no luck.

  • SnowySilenceSnowySilence Member Posts: 11
    Have any of you played Ragnarok Online?  It uses the same top view.  However, in this you can change the view with your mouse wheel.  I don't know.  I kinda like the top view.  What other view would you suggest?  And if you have a suggestion, why not suggest it on their suggestion forum?

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  • xKnivesxKnives Member Posts: 5
    Ha, i thought i was alone about being annoyed

    with the top-down view...It's very annoying..but I've

    been playing for about a week or so now. And i'm

    currently at lvl 42. So there is a way to get used to

    it lol.

  • EvilSpirit89EvilSpirit89 Member Posts: 3

    Well.. the view might be annoying,, but u have a camera tweak ;) Meaning u can fix the view like u want,, only thing required is that u look at the forums and know a bit of HTML

  • Dragonz043Dragonz043 Member Posts: 2

    I like the game cuz its fun and free doesn't  bother the top veiw

  • RadventRadvent Member Posts: 2

    Top down view allows you to be the viewer of your character in action. I think that's nice. I get used to it and it doesn't annoy me, any way i can always reorient the view by using the mouse.

  • CaptainArcCaptainArc Member Posts: 2

    the view can be changed from top down , if youd plated it for more then 5 minutes youd know that.

  • RyllRyll Member Posts: 8

    I have been playing this for almost a year and yes the view is annoying at first but it goes away and you can go into the game files and tweak the view some to show a little more of the land.  There are guides on how to do that in the official forums. Still love the game, it just gets very grindy after lvl 50

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  • T420T420 Member Posts: 5

    emm guyz...U can tweak ur camera config here da way:

    C:Program FilesTales of Pirates Onlinescriptslua

    there's file named CameraConf make a backup copy of it and open file wiz notepad. Then replace all text wiz this:

    C_NORMAL    = 0  --Õý³£Ä£Ê½

    C_NEAR      = 1  --Æ«½¨¹Ä£Ê½  ¾¨¤Àë¡ÀÈÕý³£Ä£Ê½Æ«½¨¹

    C_HIGHSPEED = 2  --¸ßËÙģʽ  ¹Ì¶¡§¾µÍ¡¤, ²»¿ÉÐý¡Áª

    C_SHIP      = 3  --º£ÉÏģʽ  ÔÚ´¬ÉÏ, ¾¨¤ÀëºÜÔ¶

    CLU_Call("CameraRangeXY", C_NORMAL, 75, 30)

    CLU_Call("CameraRangeZ", C_NORMAL, 20, 60)

    CLU_Call("CameraRangeFOV", C_NORMAL, 25, 30)

    CLU_Call("CameraEnableRotate", C_NORMAL, 1)

    CLU_Call("CameraShowSize", C_NORMAL, 60, 55)

    CLU_Call("CameraRangeXY", C_NEAR, 28, 39.5)

    CLU_Call("CameraRangeZ", C_NEAR, 10.5, 36)

    CLU_Call("CameraRangeFOV", C_NEAR, 17, 20)

    CLU_Call("CameraEnableRotate", C_NEAR, 0)

    CLU_Call("CameraShowSize", C_NEAR, 34, 34)

    CLU_Call("CameraRangeXY", C_HIGHSPEED, 40, 45)

    CLU_Call("CameraRangeZ", C_HIGHSPEED, 25, 43)

    CLU_Call("CameraRangeFOV", C_HIGHSPEED, 6, 26)

    CLU_Call("CameraEnableRotate", C_HIGHSPEED, 0)

    CLU_Call("CameraShowSize", C_HIGHSPEED, 42, 42)

    CLU_Call("CameraRangeXY", C_SHIP, 75, 30)

    CLU_Call("CameraRangeZ", C_SHIP, 20, 60)

    CLU_Call("CameraRangeFOV", C_SHIP, 25, 30)

    CLU_Call("CameraEnableRotate", C_SHIP, 1)

    CLU_Call("CameraShowSize", C_SHIP, 60, 55)


    function LoadCameraConfig()





    save it and lunch the game. u gona like new setting. its like total 90 degree view. real cool and useful in PvP arena.

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