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EQ's 8th Anniversary Edition compilation

DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586


  Well many of us figured SOE would do it & it seems they are.  Announced today will be the soon to be released EQ's 8th Anniversary Edition compilation.  It will feature ALL the up-to-date content & features of the expansions including the last/newest Buried Sea.  The supposed price will be only $19.99 which I'll admit I'm surprised SOE didn't try to price it at $29.99.  I wonder if the 8th Anniversary Edition will include those gimmick ingame gifts like previous expansions & the Titanium did?  Also, a bit puzzling is that for a month SOE will have ingame anniversary events of dynamic sorts beginning March 16th, but the new compilation isn't being released till April 23rd.  Why try to short-stack the possible new player/customer like that?  So, will there be any new/returning players/customers to EQ?  Or will be be more of the purchasing to super-size the EQ bot army?  I'll admit, if SOE would've released the anniversary compilation during their anniversary to at least give a chance for new/returning players/customers at the excitement I would've purchased it & then decided to perhaps return to Norrath.  As the anniversary date & the Anniversary Edition's date don't coincide for EQ I think this is just more for current players/customers. 


  • BuzWeaverBuzWeaver Member UncommonPosts: 978
    Something to think about getting.

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  • nomadiannomadian Member Posts: 3,490

    excellent, might go back for a month just to see places like Dragons of Norrath and the Depths thing.
    Here is the link to the announcement if anyone wanted:
    April 23rd planned release.

  • GakummGakumm Member Posts: 2
    That is nice to hear that they are doing that so folks who have not bought the last expansion can get them.  But will it brin in new blood to the game?  It may bring folks back to the game who have left for other things (Wow , Eq2  Etc)  But I do not see it selling that many coppies.   If  sony had not raised the price on the  SOE all access pack I would consider it, but  right now, no way.

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