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Divergence info update on the 20th

rob1101rob1101 Member Posts: 263
ok i know that DO doesn't get much love on mmorpg.com, which is kind of understandable because they don't have much proof of having a game, but come on you know that you really want this game to happen ( who doesn't ? ), so maybe thats why i keep checking back on this game every once in awhile. anyway i came across this post by one of the devs.

" The contributors section has been updated with what info I can give.

We're aware that not everybody has access to this area so in the interest of fairness, I will go so far as to say that [for those who aren't already aware] progress is being made and it still looks like March is our month.

I/we walk a fine line everyday with what one is legally able to say. Needless to say that a companies reputation (cough SONY) will follow it through virtual space and the internet for years to come, so we aren't taking any chances opening our pie holes about subjects not yet solidifed.

We passed this info off onto the contrib's in early february that late March was looking like the date when we'd finally be done with this beurocratic BS and finished signing papers and whatnot.

I can't tell you there isn't a long road ahead but I can tell you that despite what it probably seems like, we're still technically *on schedule*. MMORPGs tend to take several years to develop primarily due to most companies thinking they can save money by building their own engine form scratch. We aren't doing that at all in fact the engine we've chosen and it's proprietary assets [we're confident] will allow us to have a marketable product for people to start logging in and screwing around with before the snow completely melts in our area.

My day to day struggle usually involves paperwork and phonecalls. Having a flexible budget helps in that we can dynamically add or remove anything we see fit from one day to the next as far as assets go. However it also sucks because when you aren't able to count on a guaranteed amout of anything, you have to be damn careful what you say for sure is going to be in your game or product. If promises don't turn into guarantees in a matter of weeks and you've spent a year plus blowing up your game as the second coming of MMORPGs, you just became a Dark and Light developer and you're about to lose your ass.

Our next big update will be around March 20th give or take a day or two in either direction. Until then all I can say is either have your rich relatives call us up or do anything you can to stem the tide of boredom for a few more weeks like I am personally Razz

Supreme Commander, R6 Vegas and a handful of other MMORPG betas are my nightly rotation."


  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912
    All I see is talk. That's all they've done from the beginning, is talk. And not only that, meaningless talk. Perhaps this is why they are not recieved well here?
  • rob1101rob1101 Member Posts: 263
    Originally posted by Zorvan

    All I see is talk. That's all they've done from the beginning, is talk. And not only that, meaningless talk. Perhaps this is why they are not recieved well here?
    your right it has all been talk. but i still have hope that they can pull it off. they claim that they are using a pre made game engine to develop the game, but they don't have the funding to buy the licensing for the engine, which that would explain why they can't really show us anything ( if there is anything). if all that is true it is understandable. oh well they wont be getting any of my "funding" until they have a working game. like i said before i just want this game to happen so bad, even if it is just a decent game (if their is one) at least it will be a sci-fi game
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