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Vanguard's manual

DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586


  I was over at a friend's house this weekend viewing him trying to play Vanguard during his free month.  Since I had returned my (2) CE's & got a refund I had yet to read the manual.  Doing so while watching Vanguard it SO much reminded me of the old EQ manual.  Matter of fact, I even took the little book back & compared the two.  Yes, I still have a few EQ items about.

  The Vanguard play that I watched wasn't bad by no means, but it didn't seem evolutionary either.  I would say that EQ3 would describe it pretty accurately.  If Sigil & SOE had delivered Vanguard as it was promised though I bet it would be doing very well or at least better than it is currently.  So in the future Vanguard might be worth reconsidering if it doesn't isolate too many players/customers.

  I was reminded though while reading the manual, where is a strategy guide for Vanguard?  Supposedly Prima is printing it, but when?  If anyone knows I'd appreciate it.  Though I'm disappointed in Vanguard & am not currently playing it I'll probably buy the guide just for easy reference & learning material.  Then again, if Vanguard isn't enough of a success I guess a strategy guide wouldn't be needed.  Or not having a guide is what Sigil & SOE defines as part of their hard-core.

  Unfortunately my friend's machine wasn't able to play well on the highest settings which his machine out-does mine.  Mine covers the minimum requirements while his computer is one or two tiers from the recommended.  It looked nice enough, but I was expecting a bit more since it requires so much.  Perhaps that is because of the lack of polish that Vanguard still needs though.

  Good luck to those playing in Telon, those able to play it that is.  I did like the character creation process though.  To me it's still lacking refinement, but it was cool to see the races.  Also, my friend is planning on not subscribing at the end of his free month.   

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