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Map of MOE

Does anyone know if places like Mordor or Gondor will be on the map of MOE? I don't know how they could go on with it if they aren't.



  • TumgurorTumguror Member Posts: 4

    I will try to explain what i know about the initial extension of the game.

    First of all you need to know the time of the game. The game begins with frodo and friends past Moria, Gandalf fallen with the Balrog and the Fellowship of the Ring is entering Lorien.

    If you remember well Moria is closed. The mountains corridor between West and East side of Grey mountains are also closed and Sauruman will not allow you to pass near of Isengard so at this moment there is no chance for anybody to go from West to East side of Grey Mountains.

    At this point the only zone to play when MEO be released will be the WEST side. Along the expansions you will be able to cross the mountains and explore the East side.

    Dont be upset. The West side is a vaste land. You will have tons of dangerous dungeons and zones to explore, including the great ruins of ANGBAD, The trolls forest, the elves towers, Tumularians land, the ruins of the Northern Human Kingdom ( Amon Sul and so ). The developers are talking about the WEST side of Moria also but you must remember that Moria is infested at this point by legions of orcs so dont think that you will be able to pass to the East side and visit Lorien.

    I know that everyboy wants to join to Saurons forces and visit Mordor and the Nazgul´s tower but be patient, everything will come.

    You can


  • ObiyerObiyer Member Posts: 511

    You can be one of Saurons evil henchmen? Is this upon release or will someone have to buy expansion pack number four?

  • hqarmstronghqarmstrong Member Posts: 5

    Actually, any of the player races (Men, Elves, Hobbits, and Dwarves) can become corrupt as you play them, both by your actions and external influences. If you wish to play an evil hobbit (et al), you'll have that option.

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